PulseChip ™ Ethernet Transformers

San Diego, September 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Pulse Electronics, a global leader in Ethernet Magnetics for the LAN interface, has released its PulseChipTM 1Gigabit, 2.5Gigabit, 5Gigabit, and 10Gigabit single transformers to support the standard and Power over Ethernet (PoE) for commercial and industrial environments at rated temperature. These new PulseChipTM TC1000, TC1000P, TC2500, TC2500P, TC5000, TC5000P, TC10000 and TC10000P transformers are manufactured with fully automated winding, assembly, testing and packaging to ensure consistent performance, improved product quality and reliability throughout. by ensuring cost competitiveness.

PulseChipTM transformers share the same housing and footprint. This series is fully compliant with REACH and RoHS directive. In addition, they are compatible with all major PHY vendors.

This series is suitable for a wide variety of applications, such as networking and interconnection devices, servers, switches, routers, communication systems and any consumer digital electronic device.

“Pulse is delighted to present this new line of magnetic components for the LAN interface and Ethernet application, in addition to providing robust performance with a small footprint and low mass, which helps to reduce the size and weight of the device. system. “

Habib Rashidi, Product Marketing Manager, Pulse Electronics

For more information on the PulseChipTM construction, performance improvements, and comparison to traditional solutions, please see our Automated Ethernet Transformers, PulseChipTM white paper.

The PulseChipTM Transformers datasheet provides all relevant parameters such as inductance, insertion loss, return loss, DC resistance and input-output insulation, as well as tape and tape packaging. reel. For more information on Pulse Ethernet products, use our Product Finder to search for our Ethernet Signal / Magnetic Transformer.

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