Millions of devices may soon be without the internet


Internet blackouts could soon affect smartphones, televisions or consoles. Because the certification ends with the old models. You can find out how to fix the problem here.

Let’s Encrypt, possibly the largest issuer of digital certificates, warns users of older smartphones and other devices: As of September 30, the “IdentTrust DST Root CA X3” certificate is no longer available.

This could mean that many devices such as mobile phones, as well as computers, consoles or “Internet of Things” devices can now experience significant problems connecting to the Internet, as Yahoo has mentioned.

It will also affect iPhones running iOS 9 or earlier, as well as Android smartphones running Android 2.3.6 or earlier. Windows users with operating systems older than Windows XP and owners of Sony PS3, PS4, or Nintendo 3DS consoles may also experience issues.

iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, PS4 and more soon without internet?

Many users may soon have to sign out on their devices

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According to security expert Scott Helmy, this can affect devices released before 2016 as well as all devices with the word “smart” in the name. According to Helmets, this also includes televisions, lamps, refrigerators and smart home appliances. “The extent of the problem is not yet clear. But somewhere something will stop working at some point“.

Helms goes on to say that major manufacturers like Apple, Google, Sony or Microsoft did not even have a coupon issue and therefore did not notify users that the certificate had expired. The current situation no longer exists since the 1980s, which is why it is difficult to assess its consequences precisely.

What can you do about it?

If you have an old device that can still receive updates, you need to update it urgently. Some smart TVs or smartphones can easily be equipped with a new certificate.

However, this is only possible if the devices are compatible with the new certificate. like “mimicama This is no longer possible for Macs running macOS 10.12.0 or earlier. iPhones, iPads (iOS 9 or earlier), PS4 consoles with firmware 5.00 (or earlier), and computers running Windows XP (Service Pack) 2).

In the case of older devices – like the PS3 – it is always questionable whether the necessary updates were made to the end. If there is a problem, the manufacturers can also comment on them. If these devices are no longer supported, the only solution is to upgrade to a more modern device.


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