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24th of September, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) The company Pulse Electronics is a world leading manufacturer of Ethernet magnetics that can support the LAN interface, has announced their PulseChipTM 1GB 2.5GB, 5GB and also 10GB single transformers that can support Standard and power OverEthernet to industrial and commercial settings that have temperature ratings of. The brand new PulseChipTM Transformers: TC1000 and TC1000P T2500 The TC2500P and the TC2500P and Tc5000P TC10000 as well as TC10000P are made using completely automated winding and assembly packaging, as well as tests and evaluation to guarantee consistent the performance of the product, as well as improved quality, and reliability for everything. to ensure the competitiveness of costs.

PulseChipTM transformers are built with the same footprint and housing. The series was fully compatible with REACH as well as RoHS Directives. Additionally the series is fully compatible with the major PHY makers.

The HTML0 series of devices is suitable for many different applications, like devices for network and interconnection routers switches, servers as well as every electronic gadget designed for the user.

“Pulse is thrilled to announce this new line of magnetic components that can be used for this Ethernet and LAN Interface application. Additionally, they are capable of delivering high-quality performance while having a smaller footprint and less weight, which helps to decrease the size and weight of your. device. “

Habib Rashidi, ProductMarketing Manager, PulseElectronics

For more information on thePulseChipTM design enhancements to performance and comparisons with conventional solutions, check out the AutomatedEthernetTransformers, PulseChipTM white paper.

Its PulseChipTMTransformers datasheet contains all the relevant parameters, including inductance and loss of insertion DC resistance to returns and insulation for inputs and outputs as well as tape packaging as well as tape. reel. For more details regarding Pulse Ethernet’s products, please visit our Product Locator to find our EthernetSignal and Magnetic Transformer.