Would you like to visit a Meta retail store?

Meta-platforms (NASDAQ: FB), formerly known as Facebook, may soon open retail stores as it broadens its vision to dominate the metaverse. In this segment of Backstage Pass, registered on November 5, Fool contributors Toby Bordelon, Vicki Hutchison and Rachel Warren wonder if they would visit a Meta retail store.

Toby Bordelon: We had rumors this morning suggesting that Facebook, which I guess I should now call Meta Platforms, we’re going to revisit this. They came to open retail stores. Facebook retail stores might not make much sense.

But I think the idea here is that they want to showcase devices made by the Reality Labs division, talk with the Metaverse, we’re talking headsets, maybe we’re talking costumes. We don’t even have some elements yet, so who knows what it’s going to look like.

I saw a story that said stores are meant to spark emotions like curiosity and closeness, and a sense of being welcomed while experimenting with these headsets on a non-judgmental journey.

Sure, it feels more like a therapist’s desk in an electronics store to me, but go with what works, I guess, MetaMarketers. Here is a question.

Would you go to the Meta store if they opened it? This is the Meta store. Would you go? What would you like to buy there? If not, is there another business you would like to see that might be online? What business do you want to see open retail stores that might interest you? What about you, Vicki?

Vicki Hutchison: I am not very interested in the retail experience in the first place. Whenever I can get something on eCommerce I prefer this, Amazon, soft. I go to the grocery store, but it’s just because I like to pick my own melons.

I’m not a real early-stage electronics buyer either, it’s funny coming from someone in tech, [laughs] but I am not. But for me, I would go to a store if I had to shell out the kind of dollars we’re probably talking about for their devices.

I could see going there to see the demo in person, touch it and feel it, much like you would if you were going to a tech show. Perhaps the Electronic Technology Show in Las Vegas is another place to see such a thing.

But also, what if it doesn’t work, and I don’t know about you, but sometimes the AI ​​leaves a lot to be desired when something goes wrong.

In the mind of a Apple store where you take your device and say, “He fell in the toilet, now what?” I think there is something to be said about having that last place you go where you really need to talk to a person.

Rachel Warren: It’s so funny because of all the things Facebook, that I have to get used to calling Meta, [laughs] could do, it surprised me. I can’t really think of a reason why I would go to a Meta store except just a total curiosity about what that would look like, what kind of gadgets they would have, and I feel like it’s is the case.

Toby Bordelon: But that’s exactly the point. Isn’t it, Rachel? It’s supposed to arouse curiosity.

Rachel Warren: I have a feeling that would be my answer.

Toby Bordelon: Here is.

Rachel Warren: That’s it, it works. Marketing works. [laughs] That works. I would be very, very curious. I’m not sure if I could imagine buying something there like a VR headset.

I could see myself testing it. But obviously there is a market for it. I think it would attract a lot of people who just want to see what the store has to offer and maybe want to try or try out one of the gadgets.

I don’t know how much demand there is for something like this. But I would say you think about how successful Facebook has had, in essence, whatever business venture it has attempted, whatever firestorm it is facing right now.

It is quite possible that this will be a success for them too. I would definitely go check it out.

I was thinking about it. There was an online business that I would love to see open retail stores and that might be a weird response, but I would love to if Etsy does pop-up stores.

Obviously, Etsy has so many different sellers from all over the world on its platform, so it wouldn’t make much sense if they probably had a specific store. But I like the idea of ​​having a pop-up store, as you will see some of these brands, which would perhaps feature some of the best-selling products from sellers around the world.

I feel like that could be a really cool thing and I would go to that as well. But, yeah, I buy and see a lot, so maybe it’s just me. [laughs] I think that would be fun.

Toby Bordelon: It would be interesting. Although some people would say we have Etsy like pop-up stores already. They are called flea markets.

Rachel Warren: It’s true:

Toby Bordelon: Yeah. But I mean, you can see it. I see Etsy possibly doing this in local areas. It will be fun especially at Christmas like the holidays when people are looking for this stuff. Yes.

Rachel Warren: Absoutely.

Toby Bordelon: I’m not sure why I would necessarily need to go to a Meta store or why I would need to. I think that’s the whole point. If we’re talking about getting into this virtual metaverse, I’m not sure if I really need to go to a physical store.

I can see if that makes sense. I can see that it makes sense at the outset to try and get people used to the materials and equipment that might be needed for this. If you make it into an Oculus Arcades, where you’re going to play VR games, that might be really interesting.

Regarding other businesses that I would like to see open a store. I go with this theme, the game. I would like to see Microsoft reverse course.

They closed their retail stores in the process. I would love to see them come back, they go with more than one Xbox theme.

You can also combine this with AR stuff, the HoloLens transforms like a cafe or bar / arcade. In person entertainment venue to get together that would be cool. I would go to that. I would definitely go towards that.

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