Why is the Toyota RAV4 Prime so hard to get?

The Toyota RAV4 Prime is the latest iteration of the popular Japanese small SUV. It’s a plug-in hybrid that combines the fuel efficiency of a hybrid with the power and practicality of electric motors. The RAV4 Prime is one of Toyota’s most sought-after new models. Why is it so hard to get?

Toyota is producing fewer vehicles, which is bad news for consumers

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If the economic roller coaster that Americans have endured over the past two years since the onset of the global pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that tight supply and high demand mean price increases. Consumers have witnessed this with the price of new and used vehicles. Now Americans know the difficulties of a limited supply of gasoline.

According to Fox Business, Toyota is cutting production due to semiconductor shortages. Semiconductors power most modern electronic devices such as smartphones, televisions, laptops and automobiles. The United States is responsible for a large portion of global semiconductor sales, but the companies responsible for these sales often outsource the production of these chips.

Fewer vehicles on the road mean longer delivery times for consumers. Supply issues are also causing a shortage, making it harder for consumers to buy automobiles.

The Toyota RAV4 Prime is a flagship

A red 2022 Toyota RAV4 Prime plug-in hybrid SUV drives down the road.

The 2022 Toyota RAV4 Prime | Toyota

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InsideEVs reported a RAV4 Prime dealer markup that amounted to an additional $40,000. While such a large margin is an anomaly, the story illustrates the problem consumers faced when buying vehicles in a market struggling with production.

Some of the largest and most established U.S. automakers are struggling with production issues due to shortages of semiconductor chips. Ford struggled to get Bronco models to consumers for months after orders were placed. Automakers even offered consumers the latest model years when they were unable to supply the vehicles ordered.

The Toyota RAV4 Prime is Toyota’s next big thing because of its incredible value and power. Tax incentives for electric vehicles make the plug-in hybrid SUV even more affordable. The RAV4 Prime proves that great fuel economy doesn’t have to be boring.

The 2022 Toyota RAV4 Prime is a niche vehicle due to its unique powertrain and size. It uses a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine and electric motors to develop an incredible 302 horsepower. That’s 99 horsepower more than the gas-powered RAV4. It can also travel solely on electricity for 42 miles on electricity.

What is special about the RAV4 Prime?

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The Toyota RAV4 Prime is special because it has amazing fuel economy. It reaches 40 miles per gallon in the city and 36 miles per gallon on the highway. The plug-in hybrid SUV has a total range of 600 miles. In addition to its incredible gas mileage, it also has exciting driving dynamics thanks to its dual electric motor system. The RAV4 Prime is perhaps the most exciting plug-in hybrid SUV on the market.

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