Valley City Cleanup Week June 6-11

VALLEY CITY, ND ( – Valley City Cleanup Week runs June 6-11.

City crews will collect your basic trash, mattresses, box springs, sofas, small rolls of carpet, underpad, ceiling tiles, and fabric chairs from the garbage trucks. Processed wood, all wood furniture, drywall, large rolls of carpet, concrete, toilets and bricks should be placed in a separate pile from the basic waste and will be picked up by the dump trucks of the city, so your items will not all be picked up at the same time.

There is no limit to the number of bags, cans, and boxes, but these items must not exceed 50 pounds per bag, can, or box.

Tires, batteries, shingles and metal will not be picked up. Tires can be brought to the Valley City Transfer Station for a fee. Batteries can go to the transfer station free of charge and scrap metal and batteries can be dropped off at Valley Recycling located north of the transfer station free of charge.

Televisions and computer monitors can be brought to the Fargo Household Hazardous Waste site or Jamestown at the Renaissance Recycling Center free of charge for a fee of $0.45 per pound for flat screen televisions or monitors or 0. $60 a pound for CRT tube televisions and monitors.

All grass and leaves will need to be brought to the grass site drop off area as items will NOT be picked up during the cleaning week.

Crews will not pick up tree branches during cleanup week, BUT they will be picked up the following weeks.

Place items on your normal garbage collection day in the appropriate separate piles. If you have any questions about what is accepted or not, please call the transfer station at 701-845-0314.

And as always during Cleanup Week, residents of Valley City can bring their items to the transfer station for free.

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