Urgent warning issued on the common habit of going to the bathroom

We’re all guilty of using our phones at least a little too much, but there are some places where we shouldn’t touch our devices at all.

A recent study looked at the worst places we use our phones and why we should put them down, with a number of our favorite places to use our phones being more controversial than you might think.

One of those places is on the toilet. With thousands of germs in our bathrooms, it’s no wonder it’s such a bad idea to touch anything.

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Phone Systems.Cloud telephony experts have created their roundup of unsuitable places to use a mobile phone.

Phones can help us be more productive, connected and aware of the news, but they have created global digital dependence.

Alastair Bates, Managing Director of Telephone Systems.Cloud, said: “I think a lot of us can admit that we rely heavily on our phones for a lot of things, they can help us feel a lot more connected and benefit greatly. to our lives!

“However, there are definitely more than a few places where phone use is frowned upon. These times give mobile users the ability to log out of their phone for a little while. We want to encourage mobile users to recognize those moments and make the most of them.

In their roundup, Telephone Systems.Cloud claims that the restroom is one of the least hygienic places to use your phone.

Besides the very valid safety concern of a device potentially falling down the toilet, using the phone in the toilet poses many threats to mobile users. A recent University of Arizona study found that the average smartphone is ten times dirtier than a toilet seat.

In addition to the toilets, here are other places where we should look to put our phones.

On a plane

This one seems obvious, however, it is still ignored by many. Cell phone users should use theft as an opportunity to disconnect from the mobile world.

Taking a nap, enjoying the view, or seriously thinking are just a few of the alternatives that can give phone users a break from their screens and a chance to connect a little more to the real world.

At a concert

A potentially controversial but incredibly valuable place to refrain from using a mobile is a music event. While filming and sharing your concert experience online can help others experience the overall atmosphere, music, and good vibes, it can often make the offender seem distant and distant from the concert. Many artists take offense at this and encourage viewers to enjoy the moment rather than worrying about filming their favorite song for their Instagram story.

On a date

We can often turn to our screens in uncomfortable and awkward moments, making them the perfect date crutch. However, the most innocent screen checks can often seem very rude and contemptuous when meeting someone for the first time or on a date with a potential partner.

A restaurant in France has taken a revolutionary approach in this regard and has banned the use of phones altogether. At the Petit Jardin, any guest surprised with a telephone will be given a very shameful “yellow card”, red cards being awarded to any double offender before he is escorted out of the premises.

In bed

Many of us are guilty of reaching for our devices first thing in the morning. As innocent as this morning scroll on social media may seem, it can actually have several negative effects, including setting the tone for the whole day. It makes sense that by waking up and immediately being distracted by who is posting what, new Twitter scandals and spam emails, cell phone users are preparing to stay in that state of mind all day.

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