Ugh. So many mosquitoes this year in Montana. Try these tricks

About a month ago I was thinking how good it was that we didn’t seem to be getting a lot of mosquitoes this year in Montana. “That’s great,” I thought, as I drank a cold beer on my patio one evening, “finally a summer with minimal bug bites.” When Miller Butterflies Started Appearing everywhere a few weeks ago i told my kids “at least they don’t bite like mosquitoes”. Alas, it seems I mentioned pesky, biting insects too soon because they are out now and getting worse.

Photo by Nick Berger on Unsplash

Photo by Nick Berger on Unsplash

Why do some people get bitten more than others?

I was at my parents’ house near Gallatin Gateway over the weekend, and let me tell you… the mosquitoes are far worse in the Bozeman area than what I’ve seen back home in Yellowstone County. At dusk, my mother invited me and the children to help her do something with her chickens in the garden. Within moments, I was slapping myself like a savage as mosquitoes began biting my arms, legs, back and neck. Meanwhile, my dad stood in the yard as fresh as a cucumber and said, “I haven’t even eaten a bite.”

The Smithsonian Magazine wrote an article that helps explain why some people get eaten alive by mosquitoes, while others never seem to get bitten. Mosquitoes are mainly attracted by carbon dioxide, emitted when we breathe. Other contributors that can lead to more mosquito bites include:

  • blood group
  • skin bacteria
  • clothes color
  • genetic
  • pregnancy
  • drinking beer outside

Photo by Ronald Langeveld on Unsplash

Photo by Ronald Langeveld on Unsplash

Many choices for mosquito control.

You can fight mosquitoes from different angles. One is to limit their existence in the first place. Visit your neighborhood hardware store for suggestions. You will find various products that you can pour into standing water on your property to kill mosquito larvae. There are several spray products available for your lawn to help control mosquitoes. All of them promise amazing results with proper application. An internet search for more natural remedies offers many other options if you are not comfortable spraying your lawn with insecticide.

Credit: Amazon/Thermacell

Credit: Amazon/Thermacell

Electronic gadgets and burners.

There are tons of various electronic gadgets these days, like the one pictured above by Thermacell, that promise to provide mosquito protection in a certain area. My family has used these small, battery-powered clip-on fans (with mediocre success). Citronella candles, burners, or tiki torches are another option, but I’ve found they only work well if there’s no wind and you’re sitting right next to them. . Of course, there is always repellent. The most effective repellents contain DEET, a chemical developed by the US government in 1946 and first made public in 1957.

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