Truck carrying bees turns around and releases swarm in San Antonio


An 18-wheeled vehicle carrying a load of bees overturned in downtown San Antonio, releasing a horde of biting insects.

The incident happened on Sunday morning and turned out to be a lot more stinging compared to other incidents that first responders are used to.

CBS News Local 21 Reports that the truck, which belonged to a bee disposal company, rolled over as it attempted to make a curve onto 1-! 0 West. The speed of the truck, the wind and the driver’s lack of knowledge of the route caused the rollover. Fortunately, no injuries were subsequently reported.

KSAT 12 Reports that the truck was carrying around 400 or more beehives. Each hive was estimated to have around 20,000 to 25,000 bees in total.

Responding to the scene, firefighters began using a combination of soap and water to clean up the mess, avoiding the use of chemicals. The bees that were still in the truck were killed by foam sprayed by firefighters as a safety measure.

However, a number of bees managed to escape. Rick Fink, president of the Alamo Region Beekeepers Association, laments that the situation is “unfortunate” but does not blame the firefighters for the result.

“It definitely saddens me from a bee loss standpoint,” Fink told KSAT 12 News. “You know, I’m glad nobody got hurt, but it really saddens me from that point of view.”

Further information on the fate of the escaped bees, as well as any effort to potentially contain them, has yet to be announced.


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