TikTok can’t believe this massive KFC drink size

That’s right, you read it right – you can get your drink in a bucket. If you’re surprised, you probably feel like TikTok user Aubrey Layton. Layton and his mom went to KFC and placed an order for a 10 piece treat, a large coleslaw, two large fries, 4 cookies, 4 cookies and a bucket of Pepsi. At first, Layton believed that the Pepsi bucket was just a typo – until a plastic pouch, designed like the famous KFC bucket used to serve their chicken, filled with Pepsi was placed on his. knees. Known as the drink bucket (via Newsweek), the half-gallon bucket has a thick plastic tube on one end with a screw cap, allowing the drink inside to be poured straight out of the water. from the sachet. Layton called the article “the most American shit I’ve ever seen.”

Some commentators have joked that Americans should stop calling Canada weird for bagging milk while “packing Pepsi”. Others embraced the article, saying real Americans appreciate the drink bucket and expressed a desire for one, even though it was the dead of night. One person explained that the bucket was used for catering, and since Layton and his mother ordered the feast, they were given to share it.

KFC is not the first to sell such drinks. Chili’s sells their take-out margaritas in the same way.

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