This 4K TV deal gives you one of Samsung’s best for PS5 and Xbox at the lowest price ever

With a few minor holidays in recent weeks and months, we’ve been in for a treat for 4K TV deals – and we’re only halfway through the year! However, today we have another offer from you that’s perfect for anyone craving a recent flagship: the 50-inch Samsung QN90A is at the lowest ever price of only $897.99 (opens in a new tab) at Amazon (was $1,397.99).

Likely seeing a price reduction treatment due to its ‘old’ year, the QN90A is still a fantastic TV, and easily a top contender for the best gaming TV or the best 120Hz 4K TV you can buy right now. moment.

However, if 50 inches is a little on the low side, or you just have a bigger space to fill, then the 65 inch QN90A is too at the lowest price ever – it can be yours for $1,597.99 on Amazon (opens in a new tab) (was $2,197.99). This 4K TV deal is a bit of a jump over the 50-inch price, but it’s two whole TV sizes and gives you ten inches more to enjoy.

Outside of next month’s Prime Day TV deals, that sort of price is about as good as it gets, and it’s definitely worth a shot.

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