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There are several classics of the world and in the electronic world these vintage artifacts have a different value. What is more curious, however, is the relationship between the value of these vintages when they were first released and the monetary value they have now. Comparing their value yesterday and today is a tedious task as the value of money changes. For example, you could salvage a house in the 1840s for a few dollars, however, now a decent house requires hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.

Keeping in mind the value for money on the original release date and the value for money now, HP has released an infographic timeline that shows the mammoth difference between prices and how, if a no one was buying these antiques now, that would certainly be looking at them far too overdone. The chart includes the most influential tech items and their current prices.

The first item on the chart was the 1900 Kodak Brownie camera. It cost a whopping dollar then, in today’s value it is only a $ 35 item. However, the other elements of the graph do not follow this trend. The price difference is huge and the second item being the 1906 Victorla phonograph then cost $ 15, it now costs $ 451 even more and that too, with no records to play. Likewise, the first of televisions like the Durmont Model 180 from

1938 cost about $ 395 and then in today’s currency it would work out to about $ 7,500.

The trend continues as the Apple II, which started out at a starting price of $ 1,298 in 1977, is now reportedly priced over $ 5,000, close to the starting price of the most recent MacBook Pro. The difference between the two and how they work is huge, while the price difference seems insignificant. However, the trend has started to ease further in the chart, as the difference between the current value of silver and the original value of silver is almost similar.

This has been signified by all products since 2000, and there is substantial evidence to support this claim. As the graph shows there was less than a $ 100 difference between the two prices, the claim is supported by the Xbox, the Blackberry, and even the iPhone.

However, the difference in monetary value can be seen by the rate of inflation and the differences due to the change in monetary value. Over the years the value of silver increases, and as the years go by, the value of silver increases more.

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