The premiere of season 6 breaks an audience record

premiere of the sixth season of Peaky BlindersWhat Happened Yesterday (27) was watched by an average of 3.8million people in the UK, which is the biggest ever audience for a new season of the show.

depending on the website time limitthe new episode which will air on BBC One, had an average audience of 3.7 million people watching the launch of season 5. The previous weekend’s chapter number also matches the record set by the last episode of the season 5, which aired in September 2019.

The survey showed that around 21% of TVs in the UK were linked to a channel showing Peaky Blinds on Sundays. During peak viewership, Thomas Shelby’s Unfollowing Story was watched by over 4 million viewers.

Titled ‘Black Day’, the first episode of the sixth season paid tribute to actress Helen McCrory, who died of cancer in April last year. McCrory played Elizabeth “Polly” Gray on the show and was notable for playing Narcissa Malfoy on the franchise. Harry Potter,

According to the show’s producers, the new season “will be a tragedy” for the Shelby family. In season one, Thomas Oswald will deal with a failed plan to kill Mosley and find out who betrayed him.

For now, season 6 Peaky Blinders Presented only by BBC One and has no arrival date in the Netflix catalog. After a wave of new episodes, the series will win a film that will close the story.

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