The Phillies begin to dismantle the Phanavision screen. New for 2023 will be 77% bigger

The Philadelphia Phillies have begun dismantling the Phillies logo atop Phanavision at Citizens Bank Park, before installing a much larger 4k widescreen for the 2023 season.

Today we saw that one of the first elements to appear is the large Phillies logo that was at the top of the signage.

Since this morning, only the “that’s to say” stayed !

Plans for a new Phanavision display screen were announced over the summer of this incredible 2022 season. 42Freeway noticed today that the Phillies logo that sat on top of the screen was to fall.

The large Phillies logo panel that sat atop the Phanavsion panel is falling off, prior to the installation of a new larger 4k screen.

The new screen will be 152 feet wide and 86 feet tall… which is 77% larger than the Phillies’ current screen.

The Phillies say the new screen could accommodate 516 full-size Phillie Phanatics!

Improved display technology will deliver richer color and clarity. Fans will benefit from better viewing angles. More seats in the stadium will have a better view of the screen!

Clocking in at 116,000 pounds, the screen will then need 190 tons of structural steel to hold it in place!

They are also building a new control room in the ballpark to manage screen and video camera operators.

As another size comparison, if you’ve seen the incredible wall-mounted display at suburban Dave & Busters in Gloucester Twp, NJ… the Phillies’ new display is 34 times larger than that massive display!

The 2023 Schwarber Bombs reruns are going to be amazing!

The Phillies made it to the World Series in 2022, and for 2023 fans will have even better technology to see their superstars in the stadium as a new 4k screen is being installed.

Two main reasons for upgrading to a new screen are:

  • Widescreen format (16:9) fully supporting 4k quality video
  • The static signage on the right border (i.e. WB Mason) will be removed to accommodate the wider display width. But, these advertising spaces can possibly be recreated digitally on the screen!

The Phillies say they expect the full project to be completed before the start of the 2023 season.

The Phillies have not said what will happen to the current display, whether it will be used elsewhere in the Ballpark or Clearwater. For the 2011 upgrade in Philadelphia, the original Citizens Bank Park screen was installed in the Spring Training Center in Clearwater.

Keep scrolling for more info on why they would make this upgrade…and yeah, I’m probably getting too geeky with this.

A large crane is in place at Citizens Bank Park, currently dismantling the old sign before installing a replacement. The Philly Live Casino is to my right.

Didn’t they just replace it? Why again?

Many fans will recall that not too long ago the Phillies put on the current screen! This is actually the third screen installed since the park opened in 2004.

So why are they already replacing it? !

In summary, new display technology has made larger screens the norm today.

In addition, this additional surface will allow great flexibility on the way information is presented to fans… as well as advertisements.

The “classic” Philadelphia Phillies Phanavision screen and signage that has served us well during this incredible 2022 season. But bigger and better technology is coming for 2023!

High-definition widescreens are the norm

The current display at Citizens Bank Park was unveiled in 2011. At the time, it was the second largest HDR display in baseball.

And it still looks amazing!

The timing of this 2011 upgrade, however, coincided with the advent of high-definition television becoming commonplace in American homes.

If you remember… before HD television, our television screens were more square.

When HDTVs took over, our TVs got wider. Wide screen.

Old school televisions had an aspect ratio of 4:3. This means that for 4 units high, they were 3 units wide. This significated almost a square display.

The new HD format is 16:9. Which just means it’s much wider than it is tall.

42Freeway has created a representation to show how much larger the new Phanavision screen will be than the current version. Full 4k widescreen and 16:9!

Not only does HD display more individual colored dots (pixels) in an area, but the total area of ​​the screen is larger.

So, with HD television still becoming common in the late 2000s, when the Phillies planned their 2011 Phanavision upgrade, they ended up using the older 4:3 aspect ratio.

It’s likely that back in 2009/2010, when they were working on plans for this upgrade, their only choice was the “squarer” 4:3 screen.

And almost as soon as the 2011 screen was installed… larger screen HDTVs took over.

It seems that the engineers at Citizen Bank Park at the time knew well that they would eventually upgrade to a wider screen, as the steel structure was created much wider. Wide enough to support static billboards on the right.

I wonder if they thought back then that they could just remove the digital and static panels and just reuse the steel structure with a new larger display!

But for 2023, it looks like the weight of this new screen will be significantly higher and the support structure will be replaced… but at least the engineers have allocated the widest space for future planning!

42Overlay representation of the highway to show how much larger the new Phanavision screen will be. NOTE: We don’t know the complete signage elements for 2023, such as the large static Phillies logo.

4k is becoming the norm

While it seems the engineers and architects in 2011 thought ahead to accommodate a larger screen sitting above the balcony seating area of ​​Harry The K… I bet they didn’t expect not that the screens in 2022 will be almost exclusively in 4k resolution!

To explain, the original HD was based on 1080 pixel lines. Count up and down. That totaled over 2 million dots (pixels) on the screen.

4k TVs have more pixels in the same area. The same size TV in 4k will have over 8 million pixels.

A large crane is in place at Citizens Bank Park, currently dismantling the old sign before installing a replacement.

Four times the resolution of a 4k TV. This gives a sharper image and is even more important in massive stadium-sized screens.

An interesting plot for the new Phanavision is that it will have 11.6 million pixels, which is better than 4k resolution!

So the new Phillies Phanavision will support BOTH widescreen size AND 4k resolution!

(Note: There is an anomaly in the US regarding 4k TVs in our living rooms. While most TVs sold today are 4k capable, almost all TV channels still broadcast in 1080 HD standard. Some streaming services like Amazon Prime and Netflix will offer content in 4k “Ultra” HD)

Display and advertising flexibility

The Phillies’ July press release says that with the new signage, they won’t need static signage on display racks. I imagine this would include the removal of the right edge static billboards (WB Mason, Toyota).

It will simply be a massive, larger display screen, which gives the Phillies creative team endless options for configuring the display.

They can use the full size as a massive 4k video screen, or break it up into smaller regions…. live video streams, statistics… and even advertising!

The Phillies could actually digitally recreate the existing HD screen AND the static signage with the new screen.

While this setup would be cool to see at least once…I imagine they’ll be a lot more creative in making full use of the new space.

“Let’s go IES”!! The large Phillies logo atop Phanavision is falling off, before a much larger screen is installed.

It’s not about ad revenue (the Phillies never mention it), but the extra screen real estate will give them more options to showcase top video streams, stats, fun things for fans. .. AND offer dynamically changing ad spots.

Look, something has to pay for this investment which is probably tens of millions!

As mentioned, they expect the new screen to be ready for the start of the 2023 season.

The 2023 Phillies were announced a few months ago, and it looks like the build and design teams will have a bit more time to fine-tune the new Phanavision display.

The Phillies are starting the season on the road and their home opener won’t be until April 6 against the Reds.

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