The GOP has undermined confidence in the electoral process


Regarding “Feinstein’s Inaction Upsets Progressives” (June 17): I am shocked to see Senator Dianne Feinstein quoted by The Chronicle telling Forbes magazine that she would be in favor of eliminating filibuster if democracy was in danger, but that I do not see any danger at this time. Please wake up!

Democracy is seriously at stake! Across the country in the Red States, legislatures are passing laws restricting voting rights and even allowing legislatures to annul elections! Republicans are busy undermining confidence in our elections.

Former President Donald Trump refused to admit he lost and his supporters invaded the Capitol on January 6 in an attempt to overthrow democracy! We are on the verge of losing our democratic republic to an authoritarian regime. We, the People, are in the Constitution; the obstruction is not.

Voting is our sacred right under the Constitution. Fair and equal representation must be upheld.

Republicans try to gain power, not by the number of voters, but by extreme gerrymandering, limiting who can easily vote, intimidating voters, and in the worst case scenario, nullifying the results of the vote altogether. Democracy is in serious danger now! Pass Senate Bill 1 and remove the filibuster to do it!

Anne McClain, Forest Knolls

Disadvantages of masks

Regarding “Five Reasons You May Always Want to Wear a Mask” (June 19): An infectious disease expert from UCSF reportedly said, “There is no real downside” to wearing a mask, for compared to the many “pros”.

This is not true. Anyone who wears glasses has seen them fog up while wearing a mask, and many of us have tripped over cracks in the sidewalk as a result.

For those who wear hearing aids, we need to be extra vigilant when wearing a mask, to make sure the devices don’t come out and get lost.

I took out $ 2,700, to replace one of those specialized electronic gadgets that allow me to hear.

The good doctor should modify their statement to state that there is nothing wrong with wearing a face mask – as long as the wearer doesn’t have to walk anywhere and need to hear what the people are saying. others say.

Amélia Marshall, Oakland

Costs of fossil fuels

I was happy to see The Chronicle cover Foster City’s protective dyke project in “Foster City’s fight – keep bay at bay” (Front Page, June 20): this $ 90 million dike protecting Foster City from rising tides. illustrates perfectly the high cost of climate change fueled by fossil fuels.

Now more than ever, we must take into account the external costs of fossil fuel consumption by putting a price on the carbon dioxide that these energy sources release into the air.

The revenues generated by these royalties could be used to build the many future projects that will be needed to combat the changes in our climate or put back into the pockets of ordinary Americans.

Adam Wold, San Francisco

Unfair comparison

Regarding “The State Needs a 3/13 Commission” (June 20): Dear Mr. Joe Mathews, I take offense at the comparison of the California school closings on March 13, 2020 to the demonstrators who are moved January 6, 2021. Schools have been closed to protect lives; 1/6 protesters called for the hanging of public officials. Whether the school closures were shortsighted in terms of health (I doubt we would ever really know) was certainly done with the best of intentions. The comparison seems to be a low blow.

Callie Zak, Mill Valley

Enthusiastic seller

Regarding the “assault rifle-powered gun debate” (Front Page, June 20): I thought back to the day, many years ago, when I stopped at a shooting range in San Rafael. I barely crossed the threshold when an over-enthusiastic salesperson approached me and said, “Hello, little lady (grinds her teeth), are you looking to wow someone? He was very disappointed when I told him that I just needed help finding another business in the area.

Elizabeth Manning, Novato

Lack of paying riders

Anyone who rides Muni realizes that the majority of Muni passengers already act like a Muni ride is free. If you doubt it, take the bus a few times and see how many people aren’t paying.

Robert Barth, San Francisco


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