The digital press already has more prestige than the paper press and television, and it doubles that of social networks – CVBJ

More and more Spaniards trust the Digital media as a reference medium for information. Although he passes through many social strata, his average score is 4.8, which places it above televisions (4.5), the paperweight (3.5) and social networks (23) in terms of notoriety. This is clear from the latest survey conducted by Sociometric for EL ESPAÑOL, which analyzes the prestige of organizations that perform a function of public interest.

Although the survey reproduces a certain paradigm shift, the radio continues to be the benchmark for citizens, who approve it with a 5.3. Thus, it becomes the fifth most valued “institution”, behind the Armed Forces (8), the Civil Guard (7.8), the National Police (7.6) and the independents (7.2).

the televisions, on the other hand, they seem to be suffering from a credibility crisis, since in just two years they went from approval in their work with a 5.2 to suspension with a 4.5, overtaken by native digital media ( which previously got a 4.6) as the most reliable source. the social networks, which many users used during the pandemic to spread hoaxes, dropping from 4 to 2.3.

If the vote is broken down by political affinity of the Spaniards, it turns out that only supporters of the PSOE (4.8) and those of Vox (4.1), whose leaders tend to be very belligerent with media like EL ESPAÑOL. On the contrary, his work is endorsed by the voters of the Popular festival (5.7), United we can (5.3), Nationals (5.8) and More countries (5.9), as well as among those who opt for another training (5.4).

If we take into account the sex and age of the respondents, it appears that the digital press obtains a better rating among women (5) than in men (4.7), and in over 67 years old (5.4) than in young people (4.4) and adults (4.2).

These are those located between 30 and 65 years old, who are more wary of the media in all its formats. They approve the radios of a scratching 5, and severely suspend the paperweight (3.3) and social networks (2.3). They also frown on the work of TVs with 4.2.

Finally, given the autonomous origin of the Spaniards, the digital press only approves the Valencians (5.5), while Castilla y León (3.6) is where it has the worst reputation.

The worst score obtained by any platform is obtained by social networks in Catalonia, with 1.7.

Technical sheet

3,000 interviews were carried out throughout Spain, proportional to the provincial censuses on territory, sex and age, via SocioMétrica’s own panel and the Gandia Integra management platform, between December 20 and 30, 2021.

The data was then weighted by employment status, education level and recall of votes in 10-N elections. Since this is non-probability sampling, there is no sampling error, but convergence due to the equilibrium interaction, which is 97%. SocioMétrica is a partner of Insights + Analytics Spain, a commercial branch, a Data Science association which integrates Aneimo and Aedemo.

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