The City will carry out the second phase of the audit of waste service points


The exponential growth of the city of Ekurhuleni requires an increase in waste service points to complement the growth.

To achieve a balance between growth and services, the City will launch the second phase of the audit of waste service points, a project that was initiated for the Southern region of the City in 2018.

The waste service point audit aims to address the challenges of service delivery in the waste management department by performing a service point audit through surveys of institutions such as households, industries and community organizations to assess the service rendered.

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The second phase of the audit will start in October and run until June. The main areas of intervention will be the northern and eastern regions of the city. The project will create temporary jobs for more than 200 community members in the neighborhoods where the audit will be carried out.

To help residents and business owners easily identify surveyors, all will wear identifiable uniforms provided and wear badges with their photos and ID numbers.

Their ID cards will have the contact details of their supervisor from the city’s waste management services department. Surveyors will use electronic gadgets, such as tablets and maps.

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Additionally, residents and business owners should note that no money is required from the property to perform the audit.

MMC for Environmental Resources and Waste Management Services Makhosazana Mabaso said that many people have migrated to the city, which has increased human settlements and necessitated the need for increased services.

“The waste service point audit will help put our house in order. From the results of the survey, we will be able to allocate the appropriate resources to the depots, we will be able to eliminate interruptions in service delivery, we will determine the exact number of clients who receive management services waste and we can also categorize customers. depending on the type of service they need and receive, ”Mabaso said.


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