Telstra Norwood employee sacked for alleged phone fraud


Telstra says she works with clients whose accounts may have been the victims of suspected fraud by a Norwood employee.

An employee of the Adelaide Telstra store has been fired and is under police investigation for fraudulently contracting cell phones, the company says.

The telecommunications giant told The Advertiser that SA police were investigating the incident involving an employee of the licensed Norwood store on The Parade.

“As soon as we became aware of a potential issue, Telstra’s fraud control team conducted a thorough internal investigation and the employee was fired,” the company said in a statement.

“We are working with all affected customers to make sure they are corrected correctly.

“The cases are currently under investigation with South Australian Police, so it would not be appropriate to comment further.”

A spokesperson said that a “small number” of “predominantly business customers” had been affected. He said Telstra was made aware of the alleged fraud early last month.

The revelations came after Campbelltown-based GP Dr Alvin Chua checked his social media account, claiming he had been the victim of ‘identity theft’ at the Norwood store.

Dr Chua said that a $ 1,800 Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max phone and a new number was issued in his name using the photo of his driver’s license, the last five digits of his credit card and a ” incorrect address ”and a“ misspelled middle name ”.

He realized something was wrong when the Equifax credit reporting agency alerted him in February to a change of address in his personal file in Maylands, which he did not did not recognize.

He said investigations uncovered that a new phone had been issued in his name.

He raised his concerns with Telstra’s fraud department and was told on April 7 that the alleged perpetrator had used a fraudulent driver’s license to purchase the phone in December, according to Telstra correspondence seen by The Advertiser.

Dr. Chua had also unwittingly amassed $ 702 in phone bills. Telstra settled the debt and disconnected the service after Dr Chua raised his complaint.

SA police confirmed that the case was under investigation. A police spokeswoman said no arrests had been made.


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