T20 2021 World Cup: Pakistani TV channel pays ‘hilarious’ tribute to Shoaib Malik

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) named veteran cricketer Shoaib Malik to their ICC T20 World Cup squad on Saturday. The 39-year-old replaced batter Sohaib Maqsood, who was sent off with a back injury.

Shortly after his return, netizens had mixed reactions. However, a truly worthy “tribute” to Malik’s four-decade legacy was paid by a Pakistani television station “Samaa TV”. They released a hilarious video, which spoke of the changes the country has witnessed as the veteran cricketer has remained a constant figure in their country’s cricket setup.

The channel presenter said: “This person who has seen four decades in the world of cricket. The world has changed, but there is a man who has not changed. It’s Shoaib Malik. “

The TV station explained how times had changed from Pervez Musharraf’s regime to Imran Khan’s, from cell phones to androids, but one constant in Pakistan was Malik who had been playing since 1999.

“Nawaz Sharif left, Musharraf came, then Zardari, then Sharif again and now Imran Khan, but Shoaib Malik has not changed. 22 years ago when Shoaib Malik was in the field, Imran Khan formed the PTI. After 22 years he became prime minister but something that still hasn’t changed is Shoaib Malik. America came to Afghanistan, they left, the Taliban rule began, but something that didn’t hasn’t changed, it’s Shoaib Malik, “he said in the video.

The channel then shared how Shaheen Afridi, 21, who had watched Malik play cricket, had now grown into a full-fledged man and started playing alongside him, but Shoaib’s presence in Pakistani cricket remained unchanged.

“In 1999, gasoline which was available at Rs 15 has now reached Rs 130, cell phones have switched to androids and iPhones, everything has changed with the arrival of the Internet, but Shoaib Malik has still not changed. . The generation has changed, a child (Shaheen Afridi) was born, raised watching Shoaib Malik on TV, and now playing alongside him but Shoaib Malik is still on the wire, “the channel added.

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