Sri Krishna hacker arrested by Bengaluru police

Jeevan Bima Nagar police on Saturday arrested software engineer and suspected hacker Sri Krishna, whose name recently emerged in connection with a multi-chip bitcoin scam. The opposition Congress alleged the involvement of two top BJP leaders in the scam.

Sri Krishna, who was on bail after his arrest in November 2020, has been arrested for allegedly participating in a drunken brawl at a star-studded hotel on Airport Road.

Based on a complaint filed by hotel staff, the police arrested Sri Krishna, or SriKi as he is known, and his associate, identified as Vishnu Bhat. Sri Krishna stayed in the hotel after being released on bail two months ago. Police said he and Bhat had an argument.

Police recovered a laptop and other electronic gadgets from his room for verification. “At present, he has been held for questioning and depending on the results the necessary action will be taken, ”said a senior officer.

Arrested last year

Central Crime Branch (CCB) police arrested Sri Krishna in November 2020 in what appeared to be a drug trafficking case, where he purchased drugs using bitcoins from overseas dealers on the dark web. However, the investigations gave rise to many twists and turns after the CCB investigation found that the software engineer allegedly hacked websites to steal data and used ransomware to encrypt data that he would release for payment in bitcoin. .

His operating mode was revealed during an ongoing international drug trafficking investigation in which seven people were arrested, including former minister Rudrappa Lamani’s son Darshan Lamani and his associates.

The case resurfaced after congressional leaders recently alleged that two senior BJP politicians were involved in concealing 10,000 crore in bitcoin transactions.

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