Sony TV update fixes PS5 gameplay bug

Sony has released a new firmware update that fixes an issue that was limiting the gaming capabilities of its top TVs.

LED/LCD TVs, labeled “Perfect for PS5”, had an issue where enabling Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) was causing loss of HDR contrast quality as the backlight local dimming feature was disabled.

Sony announced VRR on PS5 in April and so far has caused issues on several of the company’s TVs. Firmware update v6.5929 is “rolling out now, delivering immediate contrast performance improvement during VRR gaming”, according to hdtvtest.

Those with Sony OLED TVs were unaffected due to different dimming technologies, while those with the 2021 X85J and X85K were also unaffected as they used the Bravia XR Cognitive Processor for dimming. local.

The full list of affected models on which the firmware update will resolve the issue was tweeted by Vincent Teoh (@Vincent_Teoh).

While most users will find the issues resolved instantly with the new update, it may take some time for the firmware to reach all affected TVs.

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