Smart phone for Rs 1L and keypad for Rs 20K in Amritsar central prison: La Tribune Inde

PK Jaiswar

Tribune press service

Amritsar, January 9

The continued seizure of cell phones in the Amritsar High Security Central Prison has raised a question mark over the functioning of the prison administration.

Over the past two days, a search operation led to the confiscation of 19 cell phones from 16 prisoners, indicating the ease with which prohibited material was available in the compound. A total of 60 mobile stations were seized during the first eight days.

The interrogation of several detained prisoners with cell phones also highlights the collusion of prison staff, although the proximity of the central prison to a densely populated area is another factor in the infiltration of cell phones into the prison premises. high security. The lack of strong laws is also responsible for the threat.

An official, wishing not to be named, aware of the interrogation of detained prisoners with cell phones said a smart cell phone was sold for Rs 1 lakh in the complex while a touch tone phone was available for Rs 20,000 to Rs 25,000.

“Possession of a cell phone in prison is a bail offense. Therefore, notorious criminals hardly think twice before getting cellphones on the fly, ”the official said, adding that installing the mobile signal jammer was the only solution to end this threat.

A search operation carried out on Friday evening resulted in the seizure of eight mobile phones and three laptop chargers. These were recovered from the possession of Sukhraj Singh from Chak Pandori village, Nishan Singh from Bundala in Ferozepur, Sahil Kumar Sharma from Greenfield region here, Jobanjit Singh from Bandala village Jang Bahadur Singh, aka Jagga Singh from Chohla Sahib in Tarn Taran, Rasal Singh from the village of Randhel ke in Tarn Taran and Sandeep Saini from Taragarh in Pathankot.

Another search operation on Saturday recovered 11 cell phones, two laptop chargers and a headset. These were confiscated from Jagroop Singh from Vaironwal, Tarn Taran, Rahul Singh from Kirpal colony, Abhinesh from Gopal Nagar, Manpreet Singh from Muradpura to Tarn Taran, Dhalwinder Singh from Jamari village from Goindwal Sahib, Gurjit Singh from Sultanwal Sahib Singh from Yodhiker village, Gurpreet Singh, aka Gurpartap Singh, from Patti and Ravinder Singh from Algo Kalan village in Valtoha.

Two separate cases under Sections 42 and 52-A of the Prisons Act were registered against them. Police said they would be subject to a production warrant to determine how they managed to obtain the banned material.

A prison official said continued search operations were being carried out to locate the perpetrators. Those found to be in possession of prohibited material, including cell phones, would take appropriate action against them.

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