‘Seinfeld’ fans are upset that Netflix’s aspect ratio removes jokes

Seinfeld finally arrived on Netflix on Friday, and while all 180 episodes are now available on the streaming service, some jokes literally went unchecked.

As posted on social media, some of the show’s visual gags have been removed due to the show’s now 16: 9 aspect ratio which updates the picture for HDTVs, as opposed to its original ratio and more square than 4: 3 from when the series first aired on television.

The cropping is most noticeable in the episode “The Pothole”, where instead of searching for his keys in the now cobbled street, George Costanza is instead seen lashing out at an otherwise unblemished sidewalk.

As Slate note, Jerry Seinfeld’s iconic sneaker collection was also sacrificed in many episodes due to the cropping, which often only removes the bottom portion of the screen.

A similar situation arose when Disney + assumed the streaming rights of The simpsons, where many visual jokes fell victim to the high definition cropping; however, six months later, Disney + restored the episodes to their correct 4: 3 ratio. It is not known if Netflix also plans to revert the original aspect ratio for Seinfeld.

In other Seinfeld news, Netflix has been promoting its huge acquisition with a new ad that drops Jerry Seinfeld in a Lego set based on his apartment in the series; Bryan Cranston also appears in the commercial, reprising his role as Tim Whatley in Seinfeld:

Seinfeld also appeared on the Tonight show On Friday, where he and host Jimmy Fallon also morphed into Lego for the interview:

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