Scottish police lost 60 radios and 10 cellphones last year as electronics were reportedly stolen

SCOTLAND Cops have lost 60 radios and 10 cell phones in the past year, we can reveal.

Police bosses have launched an investigation amid allegations the kit may have been stolen.


Scottish cops lost 60 radios last year

Details provided under freedom of information laws show that 110 radios, 32 cell phones and a laptop have been forcibly lost since 2018.

One insider said: “If the radios cannot be found, it is plausible that they were stolen rather than simply missing.

“It could be embarrassing if the phones ended up in the wrong hands.

“The radios won’t have any information on them but who knows what would be on the phones?”

The loss was discovered earlier this year during an internal audit.

Senior officials say Motorola portable radios weren’t stolen, but admitted they don’t know where they are.

Scottish MSP Lib Dem Liam McArthur said: ‘If this equipment has not been stolen, the Scottish Police have no embarrassment to report the theft to themselves for investigation.

“I understand that equipment can go missing, but the force needs to make sure that action is taken to reduce that as much as possible.”

Danielle Boxall, TaxPayers’ Alliance, added: “It is worrying that the police can be so negligent.

“The Scottish Police must do more to protect these devices and the data on them.”

A force spokesperson insisted: “These radios were not stolen but were not found during this audit process.

“Further investigations are underway to determine their whereabouts. “

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