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(Plush pocket) – Now that Black Friday is just around the corner, it’s time to put together a list of all the products you need right now. You’re probably going to include a list of all the electronics you were hoping to buy, such as televisions, tablets, or other large items. However, one product that most people overlook is a docking station for all of your electronics.

Docking stations are extremely important in an age where we have dozens of electronic items, each requiring their own set of wires and cables. A versatile docking cable should ideally include card readers, HDMI ports, multiple USB ports, etc. Investing in a docking station can help you declutter your electronics space.

UGREEN is one of the best companies for docking stations because of their security features, compatibility, and affordability. During Black Friday, UGREEN is ready to offer massive discounts on their docking stations – UGREEN USB C Hub 7-in-1 Multiport Adapter and UGREEN USB C Hub HDMI Adapter.

Below we highlight the features and capabilities of the two UGREEN USB C docking stations.

UGREEN USB C Docking Station 2 USB 3.0 Ports

  • Was $ 45.99, now $ 33.11, Save 28% with code BFOFFD10!

UGREEN USB C Docking Station 2 USB 3.0 Ports is an all-in-one USB C hub that includes:

  • 1000 Mbps Ethernet port
  • 4K @ 60Hz HDMI port
  • USB-C charging port
  • SD card reader
  • TF card reader
  • 2 USB 3.0 ports

You can connect this docking station to an HDMI port to project UHD 4K @ 60Hz / 30Hz videos to your TV, monitor or projector. It also has a 1000Mbps Ethernet port which helps you get an optimal and stable connection, although you need a high speed Ethernet driver and a CAT5e cable. In addition, the RJ45 port of the docking station can also set your internet speed to the highest level, be it 10/100/1000 Mbps.

The UGREEN USB C docking station also has two USB 3.0 ports that support transfer speeds of up to 5 Gbps, which is fast enough to transfer high definition movies in seconds. You can also use these ports to charge your phones or connect keyboards, mice, or USB drives. In addition, the docking station also includes an SD TF card reader with a speed of up to 104Mbps.

The UGREEN USB C Dock is made with an aluminum alloy shell, which makes it stand out in a host of plastic docking stations. It’s also extremely light and portable, and it won’t look out of place among your sleek laptops and smartphones. Whether you need a docking station for business or home use, this is a great choice.

UGREEN USB C Docking Station 3 USB 3.0 Ports

  • Was $ 29.99, now $ 21.59, Save 28% with code BFOFFD10!

UGREEN USB C Docking Station 3 USB 3.0 Ports is a 6 in 1 hub which includes:

  • 4K @ 60Hz HDMI port
  • 3 USB 3.0 ports
  • SD card reader
  • TF card reader

The HDMI port allows you to stream 4K @ 60Hz UHD or Full HD 1080P videos directly to your TV or monitor. It includes a USB C card reader which can read and write two SD / TF cards simultaneously at the same time. The SD slot supports SD, SDXC, SDHC, and RS-MMC cards, and the TF slot supports Micro SD, Micro SDHC, and Micro SDXC cards.

In addition, UGREEN USB C docking station has three USB 3.0 ports that support transfer rate of up to 5 Gbps, enough to connect your smartphones, laptops and other devices. In addition, the docking station features exclusive multi-protection systems that prevent damage from overcurrents, overvoltages, high temperatures and short circuits.

The UGREEN USB C docking station is also extremely stylish and attractive. It has an aluminum exterior with a braided nylon cable, so you don’t have to worry about displaying it prominently with all of your high-end devices.

Once Black Friday arrives, you can purchase one or both of the UGREEN Docking Stations mentioned above with pretty big discounts. So you better bookmark these product pages and have your trigger finger ready!

UGREEN is also running a contest that could allow you to win an iPhone 13 and UGREEN freebies, so be sure to enter before closing!

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