Samsung Launches Neo QLED TVs in Brazil; See the prices

Samsung’s New QN900A QLED TV (Disclosure)

Sao Paulo – Samsung has claimed to be the world’s leading brand in the television industry for fifteen consecutive years. Now it has launched the Neo QLED smart TVs in four versions: 8K QN900A and QN800A and 4K QN90A and QN85A.

Was featured on an online show by a South Korean tech company. The screen consists of a panel that replaces the traditional mini LED with 40 mini LEDs. Each mini LED is 40 times smaller according to Samsung and twice a semiconductor diode.

This change allows for greater lighting precision by controlling smaller areas of the screen. This allows a wider range between brightness and black color, on the other hand, improves color and brightness. Samsung offers a ten-year warranty against shocks burn (Spots on screen).

The high-end version of the Neo QLED, QN900A, has speakers at the top, sides, back, and bottom of the screen. The sound moves with the image, improving its power and synchronism. The thickness of the screen is 1.5 cm.

In two 8K TVs, the QN900A and QN800A, a single wire is used to connect the TV to power through an external connection center and connect it to other devices. There is also multi-screen technology, which allows you to divide the panel into four parts. It is possible to observe and regulate many football matches, for example the amount of water that comes out of each channel.

Samsung Neo QLED QN800A TV (disclosure)

The 4K models, QN90A and QN85A, are 2.5cm thick on the screen and have cables running through the base to hide the wires.

Samsung Neo QLED QN90A TV (Disclosure)
Samsung Neo QLED QN90A TV (Disclosure)

Traditional models receive updates

QLED TVs continue with the launch of the Q80A, Q70A and Q60A versions. All of them have 4K resolution. The equipment also benefits from a ten-year guarantee for this purpose. burn.

These televisions now have a screen function Ultra wide, Is dedicated to sports exposure, as well as a special menu to make adjustments and improve sports performance. The Google Duo app and webcam compatibility allow you to place video conferences on your TV screen.

Samsung QLED TV Q80A (disclosure)
Samsung QLED TV Q80A (disclosure)

New versions have also been released for other new Samsung ranges, such as Crystal UHD, The Frame and The Sero. The Crystal UHD will now have the AU9000 and AU8000 versions. Both are 4K and receive a vibrant crystal-clear color panel, which enhances the colors of ultra-resolution images. They reduced their thickness to 2.5 cm. The AU7700 version also won the Crystal 4K processor.

Samsung UHD Crystal TV AU800 (disclosure)
Samsung UHD Crystal TV AU800 (disclosure)

Frame, a television imitating a painting and featuring QLED technology, reduces its thickness to 3 cm and is available in six different versions: 32 ”, 43”, 50 ”, 55”, 65 ”and 75.”. Finally, The Sero is a QLED TV that rotates so that the user can watch both horizontal (series and movies) and vertical (posted on social networks) videos. In 2021, YouTube will benefit from native support for the YouTube app.

Samsung Frame TV (Disclosure)
Samsung Frame TV (Disclosure)

Tariffs and commitments

The Samsung Smart TV presale will take place from May 6 to 30. Neo QLED TVs start at R $ 9,900 (Smart TV 55L Neo QLED 4K 55QN85A + Soundbar Samsung HW-Q600A) and can reach R $ 90,999 (Smart TV 85 ″ Neo QLED 8K 85QN900A + Soundbar Samsung HW-Q800A).

QLEDs start at R $ 4,999. Crystal UHD TVs start at R $ 3,299.

Samsung also announced the news of stability in the wave of the ESG movement (short for values) Environmental, social and corporate governance) Belongs to. The South Korean tech company says TV production will have more sustainable processes.

The packaging will be reusable and can be made into toys for the home domestic animal Or magazine rack. The SolarCell remote control will be powered by solar energy or home lighting, eliminating the need for batteries.

Future: TV with micro LED

Samsung has also released a mini LED development: Micro LED. They are even smaller: each TV will have 24 million micro LEDs. The precision is increased, as is the effect of contrast, color and brightness. The technology will be available on Brazilian land at the end of 2021.

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