Samsung launches in Spain the new generation of Samsung Neo QLED 4K and 8K TVs for 2022

Samsung presented their televisions Neo QLED 4K and 8K for 2022 at CES 2022 a few weeks ago. Today he announced at a press conference the release date in Spain. They can be booked from March 7.

The tMini-LED technology improved and the new 14 bit panels They promise to revolutionize image quality, especially in terms of brightness, color naturalness and HDR.

Technology Mini LED is a further improvement to QLED panels, aiming to outperform OLEDs. We tested it extensively in our review of the Samsung Neo QLED 8K QN900A. The new Mini LEDs are 40 times smallerallowing for more independent backlight zones on the panel.

These Mini LEDs make the application of HDR and the contrasts between light and dark areas much more precise.

Another important novelty is the new 14 bit panels, compared to the 10 or 12 bits currently used. This jump allows increases luminance from 4096 to 16384 levels. Thanks to this, you can achieve more naturalness in the colors of the images.

The new technology Shape adaptive light is a combination of hardware and artificial intelligence that analyzes the shapes and surfaces of image elements to control the opening angle of the Mini LED light in real time, increased light levels.

Samsung Neo QLED QN900A is the most advanced high-end smart TV from the Korean manufacturer. It incorporates its new Mini LED backlighting system, a new connection box that is easier to hide, and a powerful Neo Quantum 8K processor capable of managing up to 16 neural networks.

Technology True Depth Enhancer contributes greater three-dimensionality to images. The processor of the new televisions Samsung NEO QLED from 2022 analyzes the objects on the screen by separating them from the background to treat them as independent elements.

Korean company too increased eye protection with new management of blue light and brightness levels, depending on ambient lighting.

And for the first time, users will be able to perform a professional calibration using the camera of your mobile.

Through the app Smart Calibration for iOS and Android You can automatically calibrate your TV in just 30 seconds or perform a more professional calibration in around 10 minutes.

Finally, Samsung has confirmed that all of these TVs will feature Dolby Atmos speakers up to 90W. Moreover the technology Object Tracking Sound+ (OTS+) directs the sound to move around the room with the object on screen.

announced the launch of 6 Neo QLED 4K and 8K TVs for 2022with sizes between 43 and 98 inches:

  • QN900B Series, Neo QLED 8K
  • QN800B Series, Neo QLED 8K
  • QN700B Series, Neo QLED 8K
  • QN95B Series, Neo QLED 4K
  • QN90B Series, Neo QLED 4K
  • QN85B Series, Neo QLED 4K

They can be booked in Spain through its website, from March 7.

The sale will take place a few days later, although she did not provide a date or price.

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