Samsung Galaxy S22 phones could launch with faster wireless charger

While the idea of ​​wireless phone charging has always been exciting, the reality is sadly disappointing for most.

Much of this is because wired charging is so much faster than wireless charging, which makes the act of recharging your cordless handset battery a cosmetic rather than a practical decision.

Currently, Samsung’s wireless handsets and chargers are limited to charging speeds of just 15W, but it looks like that is about to change, according to a new Federal Communications Commission (FCC) submission spotted by MySmartPrice.

As reported on the FCC website, Samsung has been granted certification for a device capable of charging speeds of 25W, suggesting that the South Korean electronics giant is looking to market a wireless charger from 25 W in the very near future.

Just in time for the Samsung Galaxy S22

The timing of Samsung’s submission leads us to believe that the company plans to launch a new 25W wireless charger alongside the Samsung Galaxy 22 line, which we plan to launch in early 2022.

It is already rumored that the Samsung S22 Ultra, which has not yet been announced, will receive 45W faster wired charging capacity, so it stands to reason that the premium flagship will also see an increase in its speed of wireless charging.

However, it remains to be seen whether 25W wireless charging will be exclusive to Samsung’s best S22 handset. Most signs suggest it will, but we wouldn’t go beyond Samsung to bring 25W wireless charging to its entire S22 line.

If and when Samsung releases a 25W fast wireless charger, we highly expect it to be some of the best wireless chargers you can buy.

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