Red Sox legend Jerry Remy celebrated in public

The late Red Sox Hall of Famer and broadcaster Jerry Remy received a wave of adoration from fans who invited his family to pay homage to him at his vigil.

“I am so impressed that they have had this wonderful and wonderful tribute to this man whom I cannot say enough about. I love him and miss him, ”said Sox fan Anna Lonzo, who paid tribute to him on Thursday afternoon.

The Remy family welcomed the public to honor Jerry’s memory at Brasco and Son’s Memorial Chapel in Waltham, five days after his death from lung cancer. He was 68 years old.

Participants showed up with Remy jerseys and other Red Sox accessories and signed giant cards at the entrance to the chapel. Inside, Remy’s body was lying in a coffin adorned with abundant flowers and a Red Sox jersey and cap. The photo of his roster was on display above him, with a large banner from Fenway’s green monster wall behind. Candles flickered around a giant “2” in memory of her number, and televisions replayed highlights from her decades in the Red Sox family.

Red Sox fans who came during public visiting hours were eager to share their feelings on the former second basemen whom they affectionately referred to as “Remdog”. Many attendees said they felt incredibly close to Remy after listening to him as a color commentator for 33 years on NESN’s Red Sox TV shows.

“We have so much love and admiration for this man. The stand without him? I just can’t imagine, ”fan Celeste Cimino said.

“He was a great guy and he will be sorely missed. We spent every night with him and we’re going to be very lonely from now on, ”fan Susan Generre O’Laughlin said.

Siblings Denis and Eileen Stocker visited the wake together, mourning the loss of the Sox legend.

“I will miss him a lot,” said Denis.

“Hear her voice, her excitement, her dance and her way of relating?” It was the most fun. When you watch a baseball game on TV and see a sports host behaving that way, that was the best, ”said Eileen.

Other mourners echoed the sentiment and said Remy brings a liveliness to the shows that makes every game enjoyable – especially when paired with play-by-play announcer Don Orsillo.

“They were clowning like crazy,” Lonzo recalls. “I sometimes thought these guys were going to get fired!” But it was still so much fun.

Lonzo and her husband also took inspiration from Remy’s long battle with lung cancer. Remy toured several times with the disease but continued to return to the booth while in remission.

“We admired him because he has beaten this cancer so many times,” she said.

“He fought to the end,” she added.

Remy’s funeral will be a private occasion on Friday.

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