PUBG and Free Fire games should be stopped permanently

In the era of globalization, technology is now within reach and mobile is present in every home. Although mobile is an indispensable means of communication, it has now become an addiction for many, especially children and teenagers.

Kids get addicted to this cell phone instead of playing sports which is a terrible phenomenon for days to come. Smartphones are in the hands of children today, but very few people know how harmful it is to them. In the corona situation, parents handed over mobile phones, laptops and computers to their children to continue online lessons. Smart phones not only put children at health risk, but also push them towards other risks. Kids waste their golden days and get lazy because they are busy with mobile all the time. They are increasingly distracted from physical exercise and sports due to excessive reliance on cell phones. As a result, physical and mental obesity is slowly increasing. There are different types of moral slippages, including psychological issues. They don’t even learn the ways they need to grow beautifully because of the added mobile dependency.

An injunction has been issued by the court to ban all harmful games from online platforms in the country, but the latest PUBG and Free Fire games have not been stopped yet. Following the court order, BTRC has taken steps to remove all harmful games from the online platform, but this harmful game continues to exist. Although these malicious games have been blocked by BTRC, kids and teens are still playing them using the VPN, the alternative system, which is causing trouble every moment. They play these harmful games using the alternative network, which analysts have called a technological failure. Analysts say that the BTRC does not have the full capacity to stop these two deadly games, which is why children are becoming more and more addicted to them. Just like Blue Whale game, PUBG and Free Fire appeal to kids and teens, so both of these games should be discontinued soon, at all costs. Experts say that it is possible to control the two terrifying games like PUBG and Free Fire by slowing down the VPN. Right now, half of the internet in the country is devoted to pornography, TikTok, Free Fire, PUBG and other harmful games. However, there are plans to legislate to ensure a safe internet for all. During the corona outbreak smartphones were handed over to kids and teens for online education and that’s why kids and teens are getting addicted to these horrible games. More than 20,000 porn sites have been shut down as kids get addicted to cellphones and parents start complaining about it. The current bandwidth of 26 Gbps in the country is devoted to online games and various types of harmful games. Children are becoming addicted to various types of cyber crime and at the same time teenage gangs are springing up in both urban and rural areas. Experts say a policy on cybersecurity has become essential right now The number of mobile phone users in the country is about eleven and a half crore and the number of broadband internet users is about a crore. BTRC experts say that it is not possible to completely stop these two harmful games by controlling VPNs, because independents involved in many financial problems earn a lot of money using VPNs. Disabling VPN requires disabling Playstore and Google, which is never possible. There have been a number of suicides centered around free fire and pubzi play.

In Bangladesh, 4% of children aged 15 to 19 use the Internet regularly. According to medical specialists, children’s addiction to mobile phones causes autism, depression, mood swings and suicidal tendencies in children. Even when playing mobile games, they are often victims of cyberbullying. Mobile addiction acts as a silent killer that destroys the intellectual power of children. Mobile phones are now on the top list of toys for 90% of children nationwide. According to an American study, 70 out of 100 children under the age of 12 regularly use mobile phones. This mobile dependency has become a major obstacle to the natural development of children. Children are truly deprived of the opportunity to enjoy the sweet, golden days of childhood surrounded by nature. Children who are meant to wander amid the endless beauty of nature, but are now losing their dream days by being stuck on mobile screens. Due to the excessive use of smartphones, children cannot grow up properly through the socialization process and even they are not able to know their own culture properly. We must save children from these harmful effects of smartphones at all costs, otherwise the whole nation will suffer huge losses. At present, the level of juvenile delinquency has increased dramatically, and juvenile delinquency is causing chaos in society. The way to stop this juvenile delinquency is therefore to control the smartphone.

The author is Assistant Professor, BAF Shaheen College Kurmitola, Dhaka Cantonment.

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