Power outage lasting more than 36 hours in Bhopal leaves residents dry

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh): It is probably the first time that the state capital has been without power for at least 36 hours following heavy downpours. Following heavy rains, uprooted trees had fallen on power lines, leading to hours of blackouts in the city. The power supply was interrupted at dawn on Sunday and remained suspended until late Monday night. Additionally, there was no power in many areas of the city throughout Tuesday as well.

The prolonged power outage left people dry. Since there was no electricity, the piped drinking water supply remained affected throughout the city. Without drinking water in store, families had to buy bottled water at the market. People lost contact with others as most cell phones ran out of battery.

Narendra Pawar from the Old City told Free Press that there was no electricity, he could not charge his mobile phone, leaving him without contact with his distant friends and family members. The family had to use candles when preparing meals. Similar misfortunes were also shared by other townspeople.

We had to face huge problems due to the interruption of the power supply for about 36 hours. We couldn’t cook or clean. Even drinking water was not available. We couldn’t even take a bath. Our cell phones discharged. We were able to resume our normal life after the power resumed on Tuesday afternoon. We had never seen such a situation before. It seems that life has stopped. It was a nightmare.

Priyanka Tripathi, Software Engineer, Colony Professor, Bhopal

Discom employees remained vigilant throughout the night to repair faulty lines. Power was restored to many areas of the city later that evening. The electricity department occasionally sent messages on cellphones to its customers, asking them to exercise restraint as power would soon be restored.

In the evening, he sent a message that about all feeders of 33 KV and 11 KV have been restarted and the electricity supply has been normalized throughout the city. In some locations, due to technical issues, personal electrical complaints have been resolved. Discom also said that within two to three hours all electrical complaints would be

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