Police warn motorists not to use cell phones while driving – “absolutely oblivious”

The penalty for being caught using a handheld device while driving is a fixed penalty notice of £ 200. It can also be accompanied by six penalty points on a driver’s license.

Over 80 percent of UK drivers admitted to having been distracted while driving.

At the Motorway Cops: Catching Britain’s Speeders series premiere, PC Rowan Burt arrested a driver after spotting him using his phone.

The driver was caught using a cell phone as he exited the highway near Ellesmere Port, while driving with another man.

The front bumper on their Ford van was also loose, prompting PC Burt to perform a visual inspection of the car.

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“So this is the ticket, this is the offense report. “

Checking out the details of the drivers, he complimented his accent when describing St Helens.

The policeman went on to say, “If you don’t receive the letter after three weeks, you call us to sue.

“That doesn’t mean he left unfortunately, it just means he could go to court which is bad.

“And someone who says St Helens with such a beautiful accent.”

The program also showed footage from previous incidents, including one where a truck driver was caught using two cell phones at the same time.

The officer in the video called him “absolutely unconscious”.

Drivers can lose their license if they are caught using a cell phone while driving a vehicle, especially those who have recently passed their exam.

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