Philips enables surround sound on its TVs to send sound wirelessly to compatible speakers

Xperi is the firm behind the DTS or IMAX Enhanced sound system and these days they announced an enhanced version of DTS Play-Fi which we already know. An improvement that comes thanks to the support to offer sound up to 7.2.4 channels that also does not need cables to go from the TV to the speakers.

The brand announced this DTS Play-Fi home theater upgrade, over the original DTS Play-Fi wireless audio platform. An improvement that Phillips brand televisions can benefit from in order to connect the speakers without the need to use cables.

Immersive and wireless audio

The DTS Play-Fi home theater system allows wirelessly connect compatible speakers and subwoofers to your TV for an enhanced audio experience, and select Philips speakers can now benefit from this enhancement.

Specifically, the models will be compatible with 7.2.4 channel wireless audio. Philips OLED937, OLED907, OLED807, OLED707, PML9507 and PUS8807 of line 2022.

In this way the audio can be sent wirelessly to a Philips soundbar, for example the Fidelio FB1 being compatible, which together with the FS1 loudspeaker and the FW1 subwoofer allow surround sound. These speakers and soundbar are interconnectable and able to operate both in isolation and as a home theater set wireless.

In addition, the arrival of 7.2.4 channel audio without cables does not prevent televisions from continuing to be compatible with the old Play-Fi speaker ecosystem.

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To be able to work without cables, DTS Play-Fi uses the TV’s built-in Wi-Fiso you don’t need cables or other accessories to create a surround sound experience.

So far this system works with DTS audio systemsbut they didn’t say whether it will also work with Dolby audio formats like Dolby Atmos.

Movie theater

In addition to Philips TVs, this DTS Play-Fi wireless upgrade will reach TVs from brands like Vestel (signature that includes Finlux, Grundig, Hitachi, JVC, Strong, Toshiba and Thomson) via a firmware update.

If you want to start using the DTS Play-Fi wireless system and you have a compatible TV, you need to find the new option in the menu or download the Play-Fi mobile app and go to “DTS Play-Fi Home Theater”, “Setting” Yes “Connect the speakers”.

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