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SRIKAKULAM: As their cell phones are not working properly due to lack of network coverage, tribals in various parts of Srikakulam agency keep their phones where they receive the signal instead of carrying them with them. Many of them use empty medical saline bottles as special bags to hang cell phones at the entrance of the house or on a nearby tree or wherever the network is available. Thus, they are forced to use the mobile phone as a fixed connection.

At a time when the world has become a global village with the emergence of revolutionary changes in the communication system, the tribal people of various villages in Srikakulam agency are still roaming the hills in search of a mobile phone network .

Although the Center has installed some cell phone towers in the Agency, this will not provide a good network to the tribal villages. Various tribal villages in Meliyaputti mandal are facing mobile network issues. In particular, residents of Mukundapuram, Savara Mukundapuram and Guntupalli villages in Keralasingi Grama Panchayat of Meliyaputti mandal say that a proper mobile network still remains a distant dream for them.

They only receive mobile phone signals at particular locations due to territorial difficulties. People keep their mobile where the network is available. They turn used saline solution bottles into a pouch to keep their cell phone and hang the saline solution bottle on trees in the garden or on the front door where the network is available.

Jayamma from Mukundapuram village said, “We are not getting proper mobile signal in our village. Due to lack of signals, we hang cell phones on trees and other places. We turn used medical saline bottles into mobile pouches. Saline bottles are convenient to hang because they have a hook. If we move from the place, the signal may drop.

“When we want to make a call, we will begin our hunt for signals. Although the nation has had revolutionary changes in its communication system, there is not much difference in the tribal villages. Even after 75 years of independence, we are struggling because of the lack of road and mobile connectivity. I call on the government as well as ITDA officials to establish mobile towers in our agency.”

Many villages have no internet or mobile coverage

The total number of mobile phone users in India may have hit 116.3 crores, but out of the 5.97 lakh villages in India, more than 25,000 villages still lack mobile or internet connectivity. According to the Home Office, in the 90 districts in 11 states that have been affected by left-wing extremism, more than 10,000 villages lack mobile and internet connectivity. According to the report, 1,787 villages in Andhra Pradesh lack internet and mobile coverage and 1,651 villages in LWE affected areas lack internet or mobile coverage.

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