North Pole Engineering has partnered with Baron Biosystems to enable ANT + devices to seamlessly connect to mobile apps

MINNEAPOLIS, November 3, 2021 / PRNewswire / – North Pole Engineering has partnered with Baron Biosystems, creators of the Xert Breakthrough Training system, to enable ANT + devices to seamlessly connect to mobile apps for Android and iOS. Using the CABLE from North Pole Engineering, applications such as the Xert EBC app can communicate directly with ANT + sensors such as heart rate monitors and bicycle radar sensors. This brings the flexibility and broad support of the ANT + wireless protocol to mobile phones.

“We are excited to bring this new capability to mobile users and the prospect of enabling the millions of available ANT + sensors to work with our CABLE ANT + adapter.” said Rick gibbs, president of North Pole Engineering. “For the first time, Bluetooth enabled devices and mobile apps will be able to interface directly with ANT + devices using our technology, just as if the device had native ANT + capabilities.

“He’s a game changer in so many ways.” said Armando Mastracci, founder of Baron Biosystems. “We are seeing increased interest in the use of cell phone technology to improve the overall fitness and training experience, especially for cycling, where athletes crave to use their cell phones in such a way. new and innovative. By working with North Pole Engineering, we “We have made it possible for athletes to use our Xert app on their mobile phones to be able to connect to ANT + sensors as if they had a dedicated fitness and training device. Reduces barriers of cost and complexity for athletes to obtain and use their fitness data to help them improve and meet their fitness and performance goals. “

The CABLE ANT + adapter is available from North Pole Engineering ( as well as online retailers. Owners of existing CABLE ANT + adapters can update their firmware to take advantage of the new features. Subscribe to Xert by downloading their latest Xert EBC app from the App Store ( or Google Play ( com / store /apps/details? to access these and other features.

North Pole Engineering is an IoT data connection company with a focus on connected fitness. The company has built a reputation for providing smart connections in fitness devices and studios around the world. For more information, please visit

Baron Biosystems specializes in the field of exercise physiology and performance data analysis. The company has developed revolutionary and innovative software models for web, mobile and in-vehicle applications that improve athletic training, performance and management.

SOURCE North Pole Engineering; Baron Biosystems

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