Naidu to educate children about cell phone addiction

Vice President Venkaiah Naidu on Friday called for sensitizing young people to the need not to become addicted to digital devices like cell phones.

Children and young adults should also be warned against over reliance on the internet, as it will kill creativity and original thinking, he said during a program in Itanagar. Interacting with writers, educators, social workers and other prominent figures in Arunachal Pradesh, Naidu urged them to take the initiative to educate young people about various social ills such as gender discrimination and drug addiction.

“They (young people) should also be made aware of the adverse effects of climate change and the need to protect nature and water bodies,” he said.

The vice president said Covid-19 has taught the importance of fitness and advised the state government to encourage sports like Kabaddi.

“You can be mentally alert if you are in good physical shape,” he said.

Naidu also stressed the importance of instilling an attitude of “sharing and caring” in young people, claiming that this is the core of Indian philosophy.

The vice president also visited the JN State Museum here.

“The ethnographic museum succinctly presents the rich socio-cultural heritage of Arunachal Pradesh … It has 27 impressive dioramas depicting all the major tribes of the state. Daily activities. In the background, one can see the ecological frame in which a tribe is based, thus giving the viewer a better understanding of the socio-cultural life of the people and their natural habitat, ”Naidu added.

He said the tribes of the state had generations of expertise in various forms of craftsmanship such as weaving, painting, basketry, mask making, ivory working, blacksmithing, craft making. of dolls, pottery and carpentry.

“The women of Arunachal are experts in the art of weaving and have a beautiful sense of color combinations. Carpet making and wood carving are also traditionally practiced by some tribes such as the Monpas, Khamtis and Wanchos Likewise, cane and bamboo crafts are an integral part of the life of people in the state, ”he said.

Naidu, however, added that the biggest challenge these talented artisans face is the unavailability of appropriate marketing opportunities for their products.

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