Mother’s Day spending is set to increase

Retail stores and other establishments in Nye County and the state are expected to be crowded this weekend as Mother’s Day approaches.

The Retail Association of Nevada estimates an increase in spending from last year, with the COVID-19 pandemic causing spending to decrease in 2020.

“Last year’s spring and summer celebrations were cut short by the pandemic, and with many Nevadans being fully vaccinated, Mother’s Day 2021 could mark the first time some families will reunite with extended relatives since. the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, ”said Bryan Wachter, senior vice president of RAN. “We are seeing consumer confidence rising every day, and retailers are gearing up for the spring and summer celebrations to start hitting pre-pandemic levels.”

It is estimated that people who celebrate Mother’s Day spend an average of $ 220.48 in Nevada on things such as flowers, jewelry, and clothing, and other gifts.

“With rising COVID-19 vaccination rates, declining confirmed cases, and household incomes boosted by a new round of American Rescue Plan stimulus checks, US consumer confidence is on the rise.” RAN said in its statement. “As a result, Mother’s Day spending across the country is expected to hit a new high of $ 28.1 billion.”

Overall state spending is expected to hit a record high of $ 447.7 million, according to the RAN, citing spending estimates based on a recent National Retail Federation survey. The federation found that 83% of consumers nationwide plan to celebrate Mother’s Day this year.

Where will the money be spent?

According to the survey, the most popular gifts in 2021 are greeting cards, with 72% of respondents planning to spend around $ 14.8 million in Nevada.

“Flowers are also a popular giveaway this year (68%), with over $ 42.3 million to be spent,” said a statement from RAN. “Other popular giveaways are a special outing (49%), gift cards (47.0%), and clothing and accessories (40%), with state consumers expected to spend $ 66.0 million, respectively, $ 44.5 million and $ 42.4 million. ”

RAN’s statement says 35% of respondents planned to buy jewelry; household items, 26%; personal services, 25%; books or CDs, 23%; and consumer electronics, 20%.

“In terms of total dollars spent, the best gift is jewelry with $ 97.0 million expected to be spent in the Silver State,” the RAN statement read.

“Other high-spend gift categories include special releases ($ 66.0 million), consumer electronics ($ 53.0 million), gift cards ($ 44.5 million) and clothing and accessories ($ 42.4 million). ”

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