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SPRINGFIELD, Missouri (KY3) – All eyes have been on their TVs for the past two weeks during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. For many children at home, their dreams of Olympic glory have only just begun.

“So today’s course is a parent-child course that will start at age 18 months and continue until age three,” said Kara Green, Team Director and trainer at Ozark Mountain Gymnastics.

Ozark Mountain Gymnastics offers a variety of programs for young children to start practicing gymnastics at an early age.

“A lot of them start very small to improve their coordination. Again, we like to focus on things that aren’t necessarily gymnastics specific skills like, you now, walking a line. Lots of development related things, jumping from two feet to one foot or using your right hand putting it on the left, ”Green said.

According to Green, not everyone who goes to Ozarks Mountain Gymnastics has to be a gymnast.

“Balance and strength and it all comes from gymnastics. So a lot of people like to start gymnastics because it teaches these things, ”Green said.

What about those death-defying tricks that athletes like Simone Biles and Suni Lee perform?

“You have to take it step by step and you have to do every skill and progression for a reason in order to achieve big tricks. You can’t just run and do a double back flip. ” Green.

What about welcoming new Olympic hopefuls to the gymnasium? Green says absolutely.

“Let’s do it. Let’s go to work. Let’s start now. You know we have a lot of steps to get there, but we’re here to walk you hand in hand to achieve those goals,” Green said.

According to Green, not all gymnasts need to have Olympic aspirations.

“We welcome everyone. We now have several members of our competitive team who started in the Mom and Me class, so it’s great to watch them grow up and take this route, ”said Green.

Ozark Mountain Gymnastics offers parent-child classes for $ 57 per month. They also have preschool classes and open preschool gymnasiums available on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. To learn more click here.

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