MediaTek Announces First Commercial SoC Support for Dolby Vision IQ with Precision Details

MediaTek’s Pentonic series of smart TV chips supports advanced new imaging technologies powered by Dolby, including features designed for Dolby Vision gaming

HSINCHU, Taiwan, March 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — MediaTek announced that it was the first TV SoC vendor to support Dolby Vision IQ with Precision Detail. Precision Detail is an innovative new feature introduced for TVs with Dolby Vision IQ, which will be supported in MediaTek’s Pentonic series for 8K and 4K smart TVs. Additionally, the Pentonic series will allow TV manufacturers to support features designed for Dolby Vision gaming as well as other advanced features. MediaTek and Dolby have worked together to implement these technologies, which will be available from 2H 2022 for TV OEMs to begin adopting.

Joining Dolby’s suite of advanced imaging technologies available through Dolby Vision IQ, Precision Detail unlocks more Dolby Vision content by revealing incredible detail in bright and dark areas. With more texture and depth, images take on a new dimension with stunning sharpness on 8K and 4K smart TVs. In addition to Precision Detail, MediaTek’s Intelligent View technology combined with Dolby’s latest advancements in imaging technology can process multiple Dolby Vision streams simultaneously. Consumers can now watch different media sources at the same time in Dolby Vision in multiple windows, all in stunning detail.

“With our industry-leading chips, paired with stunning visual and audio technologies powered by Dolby, MediaTek and Dolby are making truly immersive, cinematic entertainment experiences more accessible,” said Alex Chen, general manager of the TV business unit at MediaTek. “MediaTek’s Pentonic Series will allow OEMs to easily bring Dolby Vision IQ with Precision Detail to the next generation of 8K and 4K smart TVs.”

MediaTek Pentonic also enhances gameplay with support for features designed for Dolby Vision gaming. This includes advancements that television equipment manufacturers will be able to offer their customers, such as games in Dolby Vision at 4K 120Hz. Additionally, Pentonic chips will further improve latency and display enhancements when gaming in Dolby Vision via Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) to dramatically improve the gaming experience of players.

“Over the past decade, Dolby Vision has consistently raised the bar for immersive entertainment experiences. Dolby Vision IQ continues this legacy by extending the benefits of Dolby Vision beyond HDR through innovations such as Precision Detail “, said Mathias Bendull, Vice President, Living Room at Dolby Laboratories. “We look forward to working with MediaTek and our OEM partners to bring stunning Dolby Vision images for more use cases to the next generation of 8K and 4K smart TVs.”

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