Man Accused of Cheating on Mumbai Woman, 31, After Hacking Her Phone Arrested: Cops | Bombay News

MUMBAI: 41-year-old man in Pune arrested on complaint by Mumbai woman who alleged suspect hacked her phone, transferred ??30 lakh from his bank account and accessed her private photos which he used to blackmail her, police said.

The woman, a 31-year-old host, told police she had put up with blackmail for more than a year, giving in to her demands for money beyond ??30 lakh which he transferred from his account, said an officer from the central region cyber police station.

Like when earlier this year, Yuvraj Bhosale, the man arrested in Pune’s Talegaon, spotted her with a new sport utility vehicle on her social media photos and asked her to give him the vehicle. When she refused, he sent three associates who snatched the SUV from her. She did not complain to the police.

It is not known what prompted her to approach the police. She recently contacted the police cyberpost about the blackmail, but was hesitant to press charges at first. On Wednesday, she finally filed a formal complaint.

Cyber ​​Wing Deputy Police Commissioner Dr Rashmi Karandikar set up a team led by Senior Inspector Sanjay Govilkar to locate the accused. Govilkar’s team arrested Bhosale on Friday.

The woman was not Bhosale’s first victim, and so far they know her three aliases; Satish, Raje Veer and Virendra Sinha. He already has eight criminal cases against him since 2013, when Bhosale started targeting women, a senior police officer said.

During his initial questioning, Bhosale told police he graduated with a degree in psychology and also studied criminology a bit.

Police said he primarily selected his potential victims from profiles uploaded to marriage websites. “If he wanted to target a medic then he would pose as a medic and after gaining the woman’s trust he would blackmail her and extort money from her,” the senior officer said.

When he approached the 31-year-old host of Dadar in Mumbai via a marriage website, Bhosale posed as a host

In her police complaint, the divorced woman said she lived with her parents and eventually gave in to family pressure to remarry in 2019 and set up her profile on marriage sites.

A few weeks later, the woman said in her complaint, she received WhatsApp messages from an unidentified person, and a bunch of photographs, of the second policeman. These were her private photographs that she had stored in the password protected folder on her phone.

“She says someone hacked into her cell phone,” the officer said.

“She believed that if the hacker could access his private files kept in a password protected folder, he could also gain access to his bank details linked to his email and cell phone number. According to her complaint, she discovered that someone had fraudulently transferred ??30 lakh from his bank account after disabling the SMS alert service of his bank account, to prevent the bank’s message from reaching him, ”the officer added, citing the first information report recorded by the police. The man also called her on the phone, threatening to release the photographs if she complained to the police.

Police said the woman did not say how much money she paid Bhosale. “These aspects will be revealed during the investigation when the officers also analyze his bank statements,” said another officer.

Two cell phones were seized in Bhosale and sent for forensic analysis. The SUV that his associates took from the woman was also recovered from him, the officer said.

Bhosale has been charged with cheating by impersonation, cheating, criminal intimidation, incitement to break the peace, indecent insult to any woman, criminal harassment, extortion and several provisions of the law on information technology relating to illegal access to a computer resource and dishonestly using someone’s password.

During his preliminary investigation after Bhosale’s arrest, the officer said, cyber police encountered cases where the man cheated on five other women, including one who said he lost around ??20 lakh. “I think some of them will show up to file FIRs,” the officer said.

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