“Little monks isolated from the frenzy of social networks”

Football, swimming, carrom are their favorites

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Dharamshala: The world may be addicted and crazy about social media platforms, but in the Tibetan monasteries here in Dharamshala, young minds are absorbed in studies, football, swimming and carrom.

The Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association stadium is a big draw for tourists from all over the world, but for young lamas, this sport does not run their blood.

Small children raised as monks are still unaffected by the social media craze and the internet has yet to influence the campuses of monasteries here. Not to mention electronic gadgets, to which they do not have regular access, they are only allowed to watch television every other Sunday.

Video games, Whatsapp and Facebook are still illusory creations for them. Perhaps, due to the impact of the same, they are not crazy about cricket although they live in the cricket capital of this hill state.

Tibetan lamas who study Buddhism in monasteries remain unfazed by the glamorous game of cricket. These young children, who would likely become Buddhist monks after completing their education, rank cricket after football.

Even though cricket fever is already felt in this mountainous town nestled beneath the snow-capped peaks of Dhauladhar and has drawn hordes from all over, these lamas say they were left amazed by the cries of cricket fans in the HPCA stadium here.

There are a number of monasteries in and around the city and the lamas generally receive an education there in Tibetan, mathematics and English. There are many from the Ladakh region and others from Sikkim, West Bengal and Tibet.

In the monasteries, they mainly learn to know and study Buddhism. Besides cricket and football, swimming and carrom are their favorite games.

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