Iran reports 85% increase in mobile phone imports year-on-year in March-August

Iran imported $ 1.395 billion worth of cellphones in the five months to the end of August.

Iranian cellphone imports rose 85% in value in the five months to August 22 compared to the same period last year, with shipments accounting for nearly 10% of the country’s total imports during the period. .

A report released on Saturday by the semi-official ISNA agency said Iran’s cellphone imports exceeded $ 1.395 billion in the first five months of the current calendar year.

He said shipments increased 36% in volume from March-August 2020 to 2,560 metric tonnes.

The report lamented that the increase in cellphone imports into Iran has occurred despite the foreign exchange restrictions the country faces due to US sanctions.

He said cellphone shipments were the most valuable as the money spent on their imports exceeded that of major categories like commodities, commodities and medicines.

This comes as it increases the use and imports of cellphones in Iran appears to be in line with a global trend reported since the onset of the coroanvirus pandemic in early 2019.

Many Iranians have been forced to use online services, including virtual lessons for their children, due to government-imposed closures and pandemic-related restrictions.

A report by the Iranian Association of Cellphone Importers released last month showed that the number of cellphones turned on for the first time in the country since August 2020 reached 16.7 million.

South Korean Samsung and Chinese Xiaomi collectively accounted for 87 of the mobile phone brands sold in the Iranian market during the period.

Imports of mobile phones exceeded 15.003 million units in the calendar year to March, of which 14 million devices had been turned on.

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