Huawei Remains Foldable Market Leader as China Smartphone Shipments Decline 14.7% in Q2-2022

Huawei Petal Travel app is successfully launched with powerful features based on Huawei’s self-developed and aggregated taxi services provided by map engine capability. A Petal Travel app is named as the first HarmonyOS travel service that makes it easy to transfer between devices.

At Huawei’s New Product Launch Conference, the company is unveiling a number of new devices and projects such as the Petal Travel app for consumer convenience, and it has brought together service providers such as Shouqi car-hailing, Shenzhou Special Car, T3 Travel, etc.

However, Huawei released the beta version of the “Petal Travel” taxi app earlier this month. Huawei’s latest taxi app, Petal Travel, brings together national high-quality online taxi service providers to provide consumers with taxi services and more.

The Huawei Petal Travel application is based on the distributed capabilities of HarmonyOS and can support not only mobile phone taxis and voice wake-up functions, but also taxis on tablets, computers and watches.

The public beta version of the Huawei Petal Travel application service can be experienced through the integrated version Petal Travel is currently available in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other regions.

To be mentioned, the Huawei Petal Travel app has been launched with support for the Quick app version at the moment, and upgrading the system version will provide a richer HarmonyOS experience.

Despite the fact that for this program to work properly, users need to grant permission. As a taxi service, it favors Petal Maps for directions. In order to give consumers a positive experience.

The Huawei HarmonyOS Petal Travel app further relies on an internet connection and requires data regarding device, network, app operation, location, and account information.

You can get the version of the Huawei Petal Travel app by clearing the cache data of the old version by following the guides mentioned below:

You can do this by going to Settings menu. Continue down and choose Application Management. Select the Storage option by clicking on the Huawei Petal Travel / Quick App Center. Select Delete Data, then wait a few moments for the software to delete all information.

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