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You can remove your Paytm account from your lost or stolen phone by calling the Paytm Payments Bank helpline number.

Your cell phone knows almost all your secrets. From your google account to bank details, everything is stored on your phone. And in such situation, if your phone is lost or stolen, it can affect you in several ways. Almost everyone now uses online payment services to carry out financial transactions and therefore have apps like Paytm, Google Pay, etc. installed on the phones. But what if you lose your phone and it falls into the hands of a scammer? You can lose all your savings and money in your bank account.

You must be wondering if your phone is protected by the screen lock or the passwords you set. But, it cannot be denied that there are several ways to unlock it. In addition, there are also passcodes to lock your Google Pay or Paytm account, but you still need to take steps to prevent anyone from accessing them. If you have lost your phone or someone has stolen it, in order to save you from any kind of financial loss, you can remove your payment app from the phone.

There are ways to delete or block your digital payment accounts. If you are a Paytm user, you can follow the steps mentioned below to delete your account from the lost / stolen phone.

How to delete Paytm account from your lost phone

Step 1: Call the Paytm Payments Bank support number – 0120 4456456

Step 2: Select the option “Report loss or unauthorized use of wallet, debit card or savings account”

Step 3: select the option “Lost phone”

Step 4: Enter the lost mobile number

Step 5: Select the option “Block the Paytm account”

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