How much have cell phones increased in one year?

For the realization of this publication, we have selected several popular smartphone cases for users, such as iPhone 14 or Samsung foldables. through them and releases from last year we are going to research if they have really undergone a big change compared to the previous generation.

Cell phones are going up in price

There are many who claim that this issue is just a joke and is designed to intimidate citizens. That is why we are going to see what the reality is through exemplary cases that help us understand the situation. It is obvious that the price evolution It won’t be excessive, that is to say, you won’t pay 200 euros more, but your wallet may notice the change.

The clearest example: the iPhone 14 family

One of the issues that has been the most talked about in recent weeks is the impressive price increase of the new generation of Apple mobiles. The base model alone costs $100 more than last year’s iPhone 13 and that extrapolates to the others as well.

However, as we move towards the iPhone 14 version, the cost increases even more. The iPhone 13 Pro Max landed with a starting price of €1,259while its current counterpart reaches €1,469that is, we are talking about an increase that, in this case, exceeds 200 euros.

Samsung foldable phones

These types of smartphones are expensive by nature, so it is worth looking into this case to see if this increase occurs on all mobiles regardless of their range. The truth is that Samsung foldables are a very special case, since the Galaxy Z Flip 3 arrived in Spain with a price that starts from €1,059 in front of the €1,809 of Galaxy ZFold 3.

Instead, the recent generation of these devices have done the same with a cost of 1,099 euros for him Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Yes €1,799 for him Galaxy ZFold 4. This means that the shell-like foldable has increased in price by 40 euros and, on the other hand, the tablet-like foldable has dropped its price by 20 euros. Interesting fact on both sides.

The mid-range hand in hand with the POCO F4

It’s time to analyze the mid-range and for this we have resorted to the POCO F4. The main feature of last year’s POCO F3 is to offer a high-end experience for only 349 euros. This is something that very few terminals can boast of and with the new generation this step had to be repeated.

offer bit f4 5g

Xiaomi’s independent subdivision did it under a SMALL F4 that it has a series of high-level specifications and that, a priori, it does not spare many changes compared to the previous POCO. However, in what it costs if there are differences and that is that it has increased its price to 399.99 euros launch.

This demonstrates that inflation has taken its toll in the smartphone industry, you might want to wait for a sale to save as much as possible. Although it is true that in some cases the increase is not so huge, but in the long run your pocket will appreciate it.

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