How many hours of YouTube are watched on TVs each day?

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At the 2021 IAB NewFronts annual event for advertisers, YouTube positioned itself as the replacement for traditional TV networks.

At this year’s NewFronts showcase, YouTube bragged about its reach on TV screens, branding itself as the advertiser of traditional networks as a real competitor to linear TV.

At this point, even those of you who have negotiated good rates are paying more for less every year. It’s a moment. An inflection point to be reset, reassessed. If you were to start from scratch and build based on where people are watching, you’d start with streaming.

Allan C. Thygesen, President of the Americas, Google

Google-owned online video streaming platform says over a billion hours content on YouTube is consumed on televisions every day. This represents an increase of 450 million in June 2020 and 250 million in 2019. This is not the only number they gave, indicating that more than 120 million people watched YouTube on TV in December 2020 alone. Comscore claims YouTube is number 1 in reach and viewing time among ad-supported streaming services. YouTube accounts for 40% of the viewing time of all ad-supported streaming services analyzed. In September 2020, YouTube reached more viewers between the ages of 18 and 49 than all linear networks combined.

YouTube also highlighted upcoming advertising products that allow brands to specifically target viewers. One of these products is an interactive feature called Brand extensions. The upcoming feature rolling out to the world later this year gives viewers the ability to send information about a TV commercial to their phone, with just one click. This makes it easier for consumers to learn more about the product and brands to get key metrics. “Brands will be able to measure conversions generated by brand extensions, directly in Google Ads.”

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