Here’s why you should let the cabin crew know if you lose your phone during the flight

Have you ever dropped your phone on a flight and then went to pick it up? Of course, that’s what anyone would do, right? After all, it’s their phone.

Did you know you could start a fire in an airplane, all you have to do is lose your phone on the side of a seat? Yes it is and in 2018 that is exactly what happened.


On a Qantas flight to Melbourne in 2018, a man dropped his cell phone and then attempted to retrieve it. As he tried to retrieve it, the handset brooded. The situation got so bad that the pilot even considered diverting the plane to Sydney and the crew had to use fire extinguishers to put out the fire, New York Post reported.

The blaze could have caused a major accident, but luckily things calmed down quickly.

Passengers are now warned to contact a flight attendant whenever they lose a phone on the side of an airplane seat, as crushing powerful lithium batteries can easily start a fire or explosion.

Woman using phone in flight

The incident follows an earlier warning from the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority, which issued a statement that read: “Smartphones can fall into aircraft seat mechanisms and be crushed when seated. is moved. It may damage the phone lithium battery which can cause overheating and fire. “

“Passengers should remember to never move their seat if a phone goes missing in flight and to always call for help from the cabin crew on the plane. If a phone is damaged, the cabin crew should be alerted immediately, ”he added.

There have been several cases of mobile phones have caught fire on flights in recent years.

Passenger using the phone on a flight.

In August of this year, a cell phone caught fire in the cabin of an Alaska Airlines flight, causing the plane to be evacuated, according to the New York Post.

Fortunately, the phone did not catch fire while the plane was in the air and the 129 passengers and six crew members were transported safely to the terminal without serious injuries, although two people were treated in hospital.

In July 2018, Ryanair passengers were filmed escaping on an emergency parachute after a cell phone battery caught fire minutes before take off.

People could be seen falling on top of each other in an attempt to get away from the plane as quickly as possible after activating the inflatable slide.

Then, in February 2018, a passenger’s carry-on baggage was filmed in flames on the China Southern flight as a flight attendant was forced to fight the blaze.

Airline pilot Patrick Smith said The sun that phones in checked baggage pose an even greater problem for flight safety.

He said: “I would be concerned about the fires in the lower hold. If this were to happen, the crew members on board would not understand what is going on or how fast it is spreading. The holds are equipped with fire suppression systems, but these systems are not always effective against these types of fires.

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