Hani Zeini provides advice to take care of your well-being and well-being during Covid19

Staying healthy amid the Covid19 pandemic is becoming increasingly difficult as there is no sign of the virus receding. People must continue to apply the various restrictive measures for several more months. Staying physically active during home quarantine is the biggest challenge due to the limited scope of exercise. Due to the truncated lifestyle, people are unable to do things the way they want. They experience tremendous mental stress which leads to fatigue and depression.

As a result, it affects our well-being and general well-being, as anxiety over the uncertain economic future and health concerns run deep in our minds, concludes Hani Zeini. The fear that lingers in our subconscious increases the mental stress, and we start to feel miserable, lose interest in life, and feel helpless. We feel baffled because a deluge of false and sensational information tends to paralyze our minds.

During any crisis, stress is a normal reaction of the body, but it is essential to prevent it from getting out of hand. Hani Zeini suggests simple ways to control stress that will make you more confident to effectively fight the pandemic while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Abhor unnecessary coping methods, advises Hani Zeini

When you spend your time staying at home during your forties, there is a good chance that you will develop a craving for food. Suppress such craving for food at all costs and be careful what you drink, be it tea, coffee or alcohol. Be careful if you do not become an addict which can harm your health.

While most drinks and beverages seemingly seemingly relaxing and provide brief stress relief, excessive caffeine and alcohol consumption can do more harm than good. Getting used to drinks increases your stress and drives you to despair as soon as the initial feeling of kindness wears off. Regular alcohol consumption can be addictive and addictive, while the stimulants in caffeine can disrupt sleep patterns and harm your health.

Drink herbal teas, green tea and fresh fruit juices supported by a healthy and nutritious diet to combat stress. But limit your intake of sugar and salt, just like you should watch out for foods that contain saturated fat.

Sleep a lot

Getting a good night’s sleep for 7-8 hours every day is the recipe for good health, and you need to maintain it even during the pandemic. Prepare well before bed by reducing your activities and allowing the mind to rest as you gently slip into bed at a set time each day, advises Hani Zeini. Create a calm and relaxed environment in the bedroom to further calm the mind, letting the body clock know it’s time to sleep. Protect your bedroom from any electronic gadgets.

Practice relaxation techniques

Swirling thoughts disrupt sleep, and you should keep all thoughts from taking over so that they interfere with your inner peace. Practice meditation and yoga that calm the mind and help you stay in control without allowing the surrounding environment to impact your mind.

The more you control your mind, the more peaceful you will be with yourself.

Posted on May 4, 2021

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