Government to tighten rules for cell phone use while driving

The government is working to ban all cell phone use while driving by closing a loophole, while making it easier to prosecute people using devices while driving.

While it is already illegal to text and make a phone call using a portable device while driving, there is currently a loophole that means drivers can technically take photos and videos with their vehicles. devices, or even playing games while driving – although that’s not the case. advised in any way to do so.

However, from next year the government plans to tighten the rules, meaning anyone caught using a handheld device (regardless of what they are doing) will be fined £ 200 and six points will be added to his license.

Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps said: “Too many deaths and injuries occur while cell phones are being detained. By making it easier to prosecute people who use their phones illegally while driving, we are ensuring that the law enters the 21st century while further protecting all road users.

The decision follows a public consultation on the matter, which found that 81% of those polled would support strengthening the law, while also making it easier to prosecute those who flout the rules.

The government said motorists would continue to be able to use their hands free while driving, but stressed that they should “always take responsibility for their driving and could be charged with an offense if police find they are not. not under control. of their vehicle ”.

There is also a special exemption for drivers using contactless payments while stationary, such as paying for items at a drive-thru or at a toll booth.

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