Flashback: The Sony Xperia X series left us feeling like something was missing


Anonymous, 3 hours ago– Playstation only has Xbox as a rival. The switch is another lens. – Almost all manufacturers of 📷 are… moreThanks for that.

I think most people would understand that if they spent more time putting the pieces together.

I mean they understand why store-bought beef in a city will be more expensive than beef cut by a butcher in a rural area; but they find it difficult to understand why Japanese-made products are more expensive than Chinese-made products.

The good thing is that eventually China will get expensive and maybe people will start talking about Indian, Indonesian or Bangladeshi technology.


Hemein, 8 hours agoOr are they just smart and innovating where it counts? 1. Switch and Ps4/ps5 are really doing… moreYou have comprehension problems.

They don’t innovate “where it counts”. They innovate where they have a comparative advantage in intellectual property.

1. The Chinese and Koreans can’t just flood the game market with cheap new consoles. They should build an ecosystem and build strong relationships with studios. Japanese gaming giants like Nintendo and Sony don’t have this problem.

2. Toyota is the OG of lean manufacturing. With cars, it’s not just about cheapness, it’s also about reliability. Completely different set of concerns than with a mobile phone. Again, the Japanese have a basic IP advantage over their Asian rivals.

3. Do I need to say anything about the camera market? These gadgets are expensive and are almost exclusively for pros and enthusiasts. People who can pay top dollar for the best gear. Even then, Japanese companies have pioneered motion technology for decades.

All other sectors where Japanese companies have no comparative advantage; they are dismantled by the competition.

Japanese companies also have other problems like aversion to change, unless they are the ones pushing for change. For example, Sony could have released an iPod before Apple. They had all the elements to make it work and already started the trend with Walkman CD players. But they didn’t. Meanwhile, Sony pushed the camera market forward with mirrorless.

Another problem is domestic politics. It also affects South Korean and American companies. Different parts of businesses are like on different planets.

Another major issue is the tech scene in Japan. In the United States, in Germany, in Israel; most of the innovations are carried by small companies that the giants swallow up later or with which they associate. In Germany they are called Mittelstand. In Japan, every exceptional talent wants to work at the giants, rather than doing their own thing.

Look at the acquisitions of Google or Microsoft and compare with Sony or Panasonic. In fact, Sony’s most profitable divisions are actually acquisitions. Sony Entertainment which they got after the deal with Columbia. They got their groove back in imaging after acquiring Konica Monita.

Innovation is not easy. It is very difficult, expensive and unreliable. Moreover, no business exists in a vacuum. That’s why Apple is pushing ahead with its own chips, tapping into services, trying to build a car, getting into AR/VR/MR.

I really hope that more advanced technologies like robotics will reach the mass market. As the range for regular buyers to obtain Japanese products is shrinking, it is not expanding. Japanese technology is amazing. I own a Sony flagship mirrorless OLED TV and console. I would get more Japanese technology if I could, like their refrigerators.


Series X was a direct downgrade from Z. There was no widescreen model, the s820 was not properly supported, etc.


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Hemein, 8 hours agoOr are they just smart and innovating where it counts? 1. Switch and Ps4/ps5 are really doing… more– Playstation only has Xbox as a rival. The switch is another lens.

– Almost all manufacturers 📷 are Japanese.

Do not compare with the car. Automakers have tons of things they can do to keep prices similar to each other. Honda and Toyota are doing well because none (not even from China) are able to offer cars at a much lower price without compromise, because cars also need high crash safety, so that you can’t go much cheaper on hardware.

Even Samsung, which has many internal components and purchases huge volumes, is unable to offer devices with SD7xx/8GB/256GB/HM2/120Hz for $300. How are Sony and Sharp supposed to do this?

The retail price of the next K50 game edition is lower than the hardware price of iphone 13 pro 512GB.

You can see that xiaomi is only very popular in places where a very small % can afford expensive devices.
All developed countries are dominated by Samsung or Apple.


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Watson, 6 hours agoSony should get away from making phones…it’s a disasterChinese phones are so good that the owners of these companies use iphone and ipad rather than their own products.


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All Sony phones made you feel that way. Even back when other companies started skimping like Apple.


Sony should get away from making phones…it’s a disaster


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AndroidAuthority, 12 hours agoMost likely how overpriced the phones are compared to the competition and Sony’s android… moreI love that the people here who are asking every brand to offer 5 versions of Android are the same people who often buy a new phone less than 16 months after the last purchase just to get a new processor than they believe to be 20-25% stronger and able to run games with 3-4fps more compared to previous ones.

The OS shouldn’t even have new releases every year.
Should be like windows, 5-6 years gap.

Each new android is just worse than the last and brings more bugs. Android K, L, M and N were much better.


Scram, 11 hours agoJapanese consumer electronics companies are in decline because the rest of Asia is not seated… moreOr are they just smart and innovating where it counts?
1. Switch and Ps4/ps5 are doing very well
2. ToyoTa is still not number 1, and Honda and Nissan are still among the top 10 automakers.
3. Canon, Sony and Nikon still dominate the camera market

Even the markets where they are not actively present they are behind the scene, like in TV they manufacture most of the technologies needed for display, in smartphones they are also involved in display, nand, the material needed for silicon, etc.


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Shui8, 9 hours agoX performance is the reason I left Sony Xperia for good. Overpriced for specs, low bu… moreThe iPhone 6+ was bendgate’s.
Not iphone 6.


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I wouldn’t choose X Perf or XZ over Z5.
Not a fan of the metal back and I hate hybrid slots.
The only advantages over the z5 were the processor, 13MP selfie and 64GB storage (dual sim variant)

Anyway, those are the rumors about 1 iv

– 6.5″ LTPO
– SD8g1
– 12/256 and 16/512
– 5000mAh, 45W
– Quad 48MP, 2×2 OCL, 12bit


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Even without sanpdragon 8xx, X was much better than mi6 crap.
Stereo, better screen, better photos, better design, better software.

Better to have a full midrange with a 6xx neck than a midrange midrange with an 8xx CPU.
Even at a gigher price.


Anonymous, 13 hours agoYou forgot zenfone 8not as small as the Xperia Compact range.

The iPhone Mini would have a more similar size. Unfortunately, these flopped and failed to bring compact phones back into fashion.

Before anyone mentions foldables, they’re still a lot bigger when in use. Even the Galaxy Flip is closer to S+ size, larger than the regular S.


forhad-61, 13 hours agoThose confusing Sony names… =_= I know where you just echoed that statement from, but the Xperia range has a clearer naming, unlike their AV range.


Scram, 11 hours agoJapanese consumer electronics companies are in decline because the rest of Asia is not seated… moreVAIO is now owned by JIP and still manufactures laptops. Still overpriced, as you said, typical Japanese consumer product. Yes, their innovations have been slowing since the end of the media format wars at the very beginning of the 21st century.


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Xperia phones are nice, just the price is a little high for what they offer, especially since they are always “released” 6 months before you can buy them. They always release them around March with the latest Qualcomm soc, but once you can buy them around September there is already the next refresh/update from competing manufacturers available…
Combined with the bone and slightly dull bone updates, this makes for a sour apple to bite for the high price…


Yes tell us about the XZ series, I had an XZ1 from 2018 to 2020 it is still used as a secondary phone and I still love it!!


Sony can lower the bezels and release it again and I’ll throw my current brick of a phone in the trash and switch to this instead


X performance is the reason I left Sony Xperia for good. Overpriced for the specs, poor build quality. It can bend far worse than the iPhone 6 fiasco! (Because the phone isn’t as popular as the iPhone, hardly anyone bats an eyelid).

Z5 is the last, before moving to Honor/Huawei. The Honor 8 Pro camera alone is like x3 better than all my Xperias before (Neo, Arc S, S, Z1, Z2, Z5). Sad but true.

While I’m currently happy with the P40, I’m starting to wonder which brand to choose from today, Huawei’s future is uncertain 😂😂😂


One and only problem, too expensive.

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